Jamie and Jey

So happy

How We Met: Jey and I met in 2013 while we were doing a production of Dracula at a theatre in Waycross, GA. We played love interests in the show. We hit it off and spent as much time together as possible. We live an hour and a half away from each other, so it’s been difficult, but we’ve made it work for almost 2 years now!

how they asked: This year we both auditioned for a theatre production of Cinderella. I got the part of Cinderella and he got the part of Steward. We spent months rehearsing and getting ready for the show. On our last curtain call everyone took their bows and one of the cast members told everyone to wait for a minute because the show wasn’t over. He called me to come forward and he started talking about finding the right shoe that fits. I was told to turn around and there he stood, waiting to tell me how he felt. He said “We met on this stage, fell in love on this stage, and that’s why, on this stage I want to ask you, Will you marry me?” There was about 300 people in the audience and everyone screamed! I said yes and they screamed even more! My mother, cousins, his mother and father, sister, brother and grandparents were all there and have known for a while. I was the only person who had no clue what was going to happen that day! It was literally a dream come true!

The start

# 2

The proposal


Photos by Sweat Photography