Jamie and Drew

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How We Met

My fiance, Drew, and I met in October of 2012. I had just accepted a new job and was moving from Atlanta to Chicago in December of 2012. We both happened to be in New York City Halloween weekend for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Little did I know my life would forever change when we crossed paths on the bustling streets of New York. I was with about 15 girls for my best friend’s bachelorette party, and he was on his best buddy’s bachelor party. At the time, I was one of the only single ones in the group, so when Drew approached us, he caught my attention and after chatting for a few minutes, we exchanged numbers. He just so happened to be living in Chicago where he was born and raised, so at the very minimum I figured he could be a new friend to hang out with once I moved. Some may say it was fate! I honestly wasn’t expecting to hear from him again, but we ended up staying in touch for the whole month of November prior to my move. Our personalities instantly clicked, and we both were excited to officially hang out come December. Upon my arrival to Chicago, he was eager to take me on a date, and next thing you know, the rest is history. Three years later, he popped the question, and I said yes!

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how they asked

We were in Boca Grande, Florida celebrating Thanksgiving with our families. My fiance’s family owns a gorgeous home on the island, and on the evening before Thanksgiving, we were enjoying sunset cocktails on their outdoor space overlooking the water. Drew’s dad recommended we take photos on the dock so everyone walked down and as a lover of photography, I offered to take photos of others first. Then, his mom took the camera to snap a few of Drew and I. Next thing I know, Drew has pulled out the ring box from a compartment on the dock, and is on one knee.

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I was caught totally off guard! I had been waiting for this moment to come, and couldn’t have asked for a better proposal in paradise with the company of my family to watch it happen. My family wasn’t aware that it was happening, so it was a total surprise and one full of so much excitement! I immediately said yes, and was crying tears of happiness.

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The best part is that we got so many amazing photos of the whole thing as his mom was taking photos. As you can see in the photos, our dog Zoey was happy too! To say I was feeling thankful on Thanksgiving was an understatement. I was on cloud nine! We are getting married in April of 2017 in Boca Grande, Florida.

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