Jamie and Chris

How we met

It was 2 years ago, fall of 2015. I was attending Brigham Young University, a school located in Provo, Utah. I was living with my best friends in an apartment right below another apartment full of friends. One of the girls in the other apartment was new to our group, Sarah! We became fast friends and soon she was telling us all about her awesome brother, Chris. I swear she just talked about how wonderful he was all the time and how excited she was for him to be moving to Provo, to attend our university.

Right around the time he moved to Provo, we set up a huge group date. But it was a blind date with about 4 guys and 4 girls. I had set up all my friends with guys I knew really well, and I was trying to find a date for myself! Sarah suggested that I go with Chris! I thought, “what a good idea, going with her brother would be a fun way to just be on the date, but not have pressure of going anywhere after!” Boy was I wrong. I walked in the door and saw him for the first time and thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen! Something about him, just drew me to him! I didn’t know why, but I knew I liked him! We went on the date, and I swear it was love at first sight, I just knew I wanted to date him right then…We went on a picnic for the date and Well the rest is history! He couldn’t resist my charm and we started dating about 2 months after that!

how they asked

Chris and I loved walking around Sundance! It is right up Provo Canyon and a great little place to talk and walk around in the summer and fall! My parents had their first kiss there and I always grew up thinking Sundance was a magical place!

One evening we had a bunch of friends over for dinner and they were all acting really weird! We had wanted to go up to sundance that night and he kept stalling it! I was like, “let’s go already!” When we finally went up the canyon, he said he was taking me up past sundance to a new place. He called up his friend Max to ask him (little did I know he was acting making sure the proposal was all set!) where this place was! That threw me off! I had no idea what we were doing! Once we got there, we walked up this path to a beauitful clearing where lights and a banner with a picnic was set up, and the words “will you marry me” on the banner!

He got down on one knee and told me I was his best friend and he wanted to spend forever together! It then proceeded to DUMP RAIN!!!! It was crazy, He was so bummed that it rained, but I LOVED it!

Special Thanks

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 | photographer
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