Jamie and Chris

how we met

My fiance and I met on Instagram! He messaged me because we had mutual friends and we had our first date at Pete’s in Garland, Texas. My best friend ended up coming to “spy/check on me” as if she was just already eating there and little did we know that they knew each other and went to school together! My fiance Chris, is from New Orleans and loves the New Orleans Saints. I am from Dallas and I love the Dallas Cowboys! It was so funny because we did not even plan it and we wore our favorite shirts with our favorite teams on them and it was NOT even planned!

how they asked

It was on New Years of 2018! My fiance took me out to eat for dinner in Dallas and then he wanted to take me to see the firework show at the Reunion Tower in Dallas! We had a blast! Little did I know that I would be saying, YES at midnight! How it happened:My fiance pulled into a parking lot”where everyone was for the firework show” it was in front of the Reunion Tower! The countdown had just begun. As I was recording the Ball at the top of the Reunion Tower…fireworks started going in the sky from the ball. I starting counting down…I said, “Babe…come on! 10, 9, 8…I did not know that he was getting the ring and the wine ready! I said, “Hurry, you have to see this…5, 4, 3, 2, 1….and right when I thought it couldn’t get any better he said, “Jamie turn around look at thissss….” on 1 I turned around and he was kneeling on one knee saying, “Jamie Marie Jones, will you marry me?” Guys, I lost it!! I could not even believe it! I said, “YES, Chris!” That is how my New Years started!

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