Jamie and Bryant

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Post Ranch Inn- Big Sur, CA

How We Met

We met back in 2011 when I (Jamie) was working at a bar in East Lansing, MI. Bryant would come in a couple times a week and ask me for my number. I finally gave it to him after he asked about 20 times. Our first date was November 17, 2011.

Jamie and Bryant's Engagement in Post Ranch Inn- Big Sur, CA

how they asked

We live in Michigan but Bryant has been working out in California and coming home on the weekends for the past couple of months. One weekend I went to visit him instead of him coming home. He told me that he was able to get us a last minute dinner reservation at Sierra Mar (at the Post Ranch Inn). When we arrived the host, Jorge, told us that our table wasn’t ready yet but he had a pretty place for us to watch the sunset while we waited for our table.

As he was walking us down to the spot he got a call on his radio that the valet was having trouble with the car and they needed Bryant to go back out to the parking lot. Jorge told me to just keep walking with him and Bryant could meet us down there after he got the car figured out. When we got to the spot (a cliff 1300 ft. above the clouds and ocean) the first thing I noticed was all of the rose petals. Then I saw the bench decorated with rose petals and champagne.

There was also a laptop on the bench. Jorge told me that he had a video that he needed me to watch. He pressed play and as soon as I saw what was on the screen I knew what was happening. My heart dropped into my stomach with excitement and shock.

Bryant had a professional videographer create a video of him and our puppy, Holly, asking me to marry him. He knows how obsessed I am with our dog and wanted her to be a part of the proposal even though she couldn’t be there with us.

Finally, Bryant came walking down the hill, got on one knee and asked me to marry him. The other part of the surprise was that we were actually staying at the Post Ranch Inn. It wasn’t just a last minute reservation- he had it planned for months and everyone working there was in on it. It was the prettiest place I’ve ever been and the most perfect proposal. We had a wine pairing dinner at Sierra Mar after that but we were both in so much shock that we could eat our food (just drank lots of wine) BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Proposal Ideas Post Ranch Inn- Big Sur, CA

Jamie's Proposal in Post Ranch Inn- Big Sur, CA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Post Ranch Inn- Big Sur, CA

Special Thanks

Shannon Cronin
 | Photographer