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Proposal Ideas Busch Stadium, on the field to the left of home plate.

How They Asked

My fiancé proposed to me in the perfect way. On the weekend after my birthday, my best friend and her fiancé showed up on my front porch telling me to pack a bag; we were going on a trip! I was so excited. She told me that we were on our way to pick up my boyfriend and then we’d be heading to the lake. Now, going to the lake is a common thing for us, so I wasn’t too suspicious at this point. However, about an hour after we left town, she sprung the big one on us: We were going to St. Louis! I got pretty suspicious at this point. I mean, my best friend is a very generous and thoughtful person. But a trip to Busch Stadium? Its mine and my fiancé’s favorite place to go, and I had been hoping for an STL proposal. Plus, this seemed a bit major-scale for a friend to be paying for. However, due to some circumstances that occurred about a month before my birthday, my fiancé and I realized that we weren’t going to be able to get engaged until this coming April.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Busch Stadium, on the field to the left of home plate.

So this trip wasn’t a dead giveaway exactly, but I still kept my hopes up just a little just in case. We went to the Cardinals game that night and no proposal. I was a little disappointed, but the next morning, my best friends declared that we were going on a tour of Busch Stadium! When we had gotten out of the car and were walking up to the entrance to wait on our tour guide, I noticed that there was a sign out front of the entrance with a list of tour times, and our tour slot wasn’t on that list! I was giddy with excitement. But I played it cool. We went through the tour and saw some awesome aspects of the stadium. And then at the end, we were down by the dugouts when my best friend offered to get a picture of my boyfriend and me. And boom! He took my hand, dropped down on his knee, and popped the question! I was (and still am) amazed at the way he pulled off the whole thing. He even was able to propose to me with his mother’s diamond set into a band he had custom made exactly the way I dreamt it.

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