Jamie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I were both athletes at The George Washington University: he was a swimmer and I played volleyball. After he graduated with his bachelor’s degree, he decided to continue on and get his masters. He became a Graduate Assistant to my volleyball team, where we quickly became the best of friends. Two years later, after many long walks around the monuments and therapy sessions after tough games, we finally realized we liked each other as much more than that. We thought “why not give us a shot?” I spend the next 3 years falling more in love with my best friend!

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how they asked

I’m not someone who is easily surprised, I usually do the surprising to others! But on this one occasion, Andrew completely caught me by surprise.¬†Andrew had been acting weird all week, but I didn’t really think anything of it since work was so stressful. But then Friday night, my dad shows up out of the blue! Ah – Andrew and him conspired to get him here to spend the weekend with me. That must have been why he was acting strange! Saturday rolls around and Andrew went “to work” at a softball game and my dad and I went to the movies. After that we decided to go see the Kennedy Center (typical DC tourist move), so off we went. As we step out of the doors onto the roof, I see a guy in a suit with roses by his feet. I turn to my dad and exclaim, “Dad someone is getting proposed to!” Now I have really bad eyesight, so I completely did not see that the guy doing the proposing was my Andrew. My dad finally tells me to really look and I see it is him! I drop my bag and run over to him, as he is holding a single red rose.

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After quite the speech and a few tears, he finally asks “Will you accept my final rose?” and as a bachelor fan, I couldn’t have said anything other than of course! He then got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Before he could even ask, I yelled “yes”!

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As if all this wasn’t enough of a surprise, he brings out my two best friends from college who were taking pictures and my entire family comes out with my dad. It was a surprisingly unforgettable day!