Jamie and Alyssa

How We Met

Alyssa: After moving to a new city, I joined a running group in hopes of making friends. My path first crossed Jamie’s at a group run on July 6, 2014, and we soon became close friends after bonding over our love for running, our similar quirky personalities, and our pups Oskar and Charlie. Even though we were “just friends,” Jamie was so easy to fall in love with because he constantly encourages me to be unapologetically myself, makes me laugh even on my grumpiest days, and engages in my random, theoretical conversations.

He finally took me on a real date to Franklin Park Conservatory, and which was when I knew a magical life together was fate.

how they asked

Jamie: I could start this tale by saying how everything lined up perfectly, and that everything went according to plan, but that would be a lie.

March 21st, last spring I planned for that to be the day where I would ask Alyssa to take my hand and my heart forever. I coordinated with my photographer, Belinda Jean Photography, early that morning to meet at Franklin Park Conservatory just after noon. My plan was to accidentally run into her in the Palm room under the rouse that she was there taking pictures of her daughter’s upcoming birthday. Earlier in the week, I presented my photographer Belinda a tiny bottle with a paper cutout scene enclosed that showed a couple proposing in a park. This bottle was the centerpiece of my plans.

I told Alyssa that it would be a great day to go to the park, she agreed. As we got ready I kept thinking that I couldn’t give Alyssa any clue that today was special. So that meant no special attire, no flowers, I even talked her out of putting makeup on…. to this day, I don’t hear the end of that.

Finally, we were ready, I told my photographer Belinda that we’d be there in 30 minutes. Since Alyssa didn’t know my plans she urged me to stop for coffee at one of our favorite local shops. I agreed, what harm could a 5 min stop make. That 5 min stop turned into 15 or so. Time was of the essence since our photographer was at the park waiting for our arrival with her infant, and you never know how a baby’s mood could affect things going forward.

Finally, we arrived at the park. I suggested we immediately go to the palm room. Alyssa declined and said she wanted to see the butterflies. I pleaded with her that we’ll do the Palm room first and spend the rest of the time butterfly hunting. We made our way to the Palm room. What a shock it was to see our photographer friend and her infant, what were the odds, I whispered to Alyssa.

While Alyssa and our photographer were engaging in conversation I got into position. Our photographer Belinda pulled out a box and asked Alyssa what she thought of the prop inside. Alyssa opened the box, looked closely inside the bottle. She turned to me, I was on bended knee. I don’t remember exactly what I said, the moment was too overwhelming but the answer was clear. Yes! Alyssa exclaimed. Our journey as one starts there, beneath birds of paradise, chasing butterflies together in this magical dream of ours.

Special Thanks

Belinda Jean Photography