Jami and Jason

Image 1 of Jami and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I have known each other almost our whole lives. We grew up as neighbors and have even known each other longer than our siblings have been alive. He was also my first crush ever! We’ve liked each other on and off our whole lives and a few years ago we finally got the timing right – and now we are getting married!

How They Asked

We are huge fans of the Food Network – specifically Chopped, and all the other food competition shows. We often play Chopped where one of us surprises the other with ingredients and then we have to make dinner. He planned a Chopped night for me to cook, and incorporated twists like the other game shows. Each of the tricks were special and added to the engagement like cooking by candle light. The last twist was the proposal! I was completely surprised. It was the most perfect, unique way for him to propose to me!