Jami and Brian

How We Met

We were matched through eharmony.com. We originally went on 3 dates when I decided I wasn’t sure about Brian. We remained friends for a little bit before losing touch for about a year. I sent Brian a Facebook friend request shortly before NYE 2014. Brian waited a few days to accept, but eventually he did and then sent me a message. They agreed to go out again after the New Year, and here we are!

how they asked

We had dinner plans with friends of ours on Saturday night, but had made the whole weekend a date weekend. We went to a local carnival on Friday night and spent Saturday morning playing SNES games and playing board games. When we were ready to leave, Brian started acting funny. He wouldn’t look at me and barely said 3 words to me in the car. While on the way to dinner, he (conveniently) got a text message saying our friends would be late to dinner. We were right by a park that we had seen from the highway and had been interested in exploring, so we stopped to go for a short walk.

Image 1 of Jami and Brian

At this park, there is a lake with a stone bridge. I asked Brian if we could walk over that way (not knowing that this was the location he had chosen to propose). When we got to the bridge, we stopped on the top of it to admire the view and talk. He turned to me and said he had a very important question, dropped to one knee, and started his proposal. Obviously I said YES!

Image 2 of Jami and Brian

Our Video

Special Thanks

Alex Kowalczyk
 | Videographer
Sami Kowalczyk
 | Planning