James and Zeljana

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How We Met

I met James through a mutual friend back in November 2018 for her birthday and we were staying at an Airbnb for 2 nights. I (as we most do) got completely drunk on the first night that I was basically bedridden the second day. James walked into my room as I was resting with this huge crab (I assumed to scare me). Unfortunately for him I was not phased and just turned back around and continued sleeping! Shortly a group of us organised to go to an event and that was the night we both could not keep our eyes off each other! The next day I found him on Instagram and decided to follow him generally people ask you the night of ‘did you get home okay?’ However, James messaged me on Instagram 2 days later asking ‘did you get home okay?’. I couldn’t help but laugh and our conversations grew from there and we ended up spending the entire summer together a few short weeks later we were out for dinner and he pulled out this beautiful promise ring and asked me to be his girlfriend!

How They Asked

Back in September this year, James said he would be booking a hotel and dinner for us to stay at however couldn’t provide details as it was a ‘surprise’. Unfortunately due to COVID lockdown, those plans were pushed back until 30 October.

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On the day he told me to get ready at home and that we would be checking in around 6:30 pm as he was super busy with work and we couldn’t check in sooner! I arrived at his place at 5 pm and we drove down to the city, however, he looked super nervous (biting his nails & taking the long way to get there). After we arrived at the Crown Hotel, we checked in at reception and made our way up to the room with our luggage.

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As the hotel door opened I could hear music and I thought ‘what the hell, that’s a first we walked into the corridor around the corner and saw this beautiful setup and ‘will you marry me’ flower backdrop. My heart was beating a million miles an hour I couldn’t believe this was all happening! We walked down the flower trail together and I could tell he was nervous as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Special Thanks

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My Proposal Co.
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