James and Yeji's Second Proposal

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how we met

We met on New Year’s Day of 2014, at a New Year’s Eve party held at Kensington Roof Gardens. Whilst we both came with separate groups of friends, we got talking shortly after the new year’s count down, and exchanged texts following day. We then went on our first date, and never looked back.

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how they asked

We both wanted my engagement ring to be special, and wanted to design it ourselves. As such we picked my wedding band first from Tiffany & Co. and we got engaged on James’ first visit to Seoul, Korea, soon after he met my family and friends. We realiased it would be difficult to get both of our family and friends together, so decided to have a small ceremony in the UK and have another wedding in the future somewhere near my home.

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We had a private but beautiful civil ceremony at Morden Registry Office on 17th October 2014. We’ve recently moved to Hong Kong, and now are very excited about planning a traditional wedding here in the near future.

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how they asked (again!)

We wanted to do something meaningful and special for our first wedding anniversary. The fact that we were moving to another country seemed like a good reason for us to have a photo shoot in London. We chose two locations that we felt would be good for the shoot and meant a lot to us; Kensington Roof Gardens, where we met for the first time, and Battersea Park, where we spent many memorable times.

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Cecelina was very kind and personable from the moment we met, she quickly eased our nerves and everything seemed to flow naturally from there, allowing some truly magnificent photos to be captured. Cecelina’s elegant and genuine way of capturing the moment was exactly what we had in mind. We started the shoot from Battersea Park and moved on to Kensington Roof Gardens.

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Towards the end of our shoot, Cecelina led us to a lovely bench. As we sat down James went down on one knee and surprised me with a blue box with a white ribbon, proposing to me again in a more traditional manner than previously. This brilliant surprise was perfectly captured by Cecelina and the beautiful photos we now have of this moment are treasured.

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Special Thanks

Cecelina Photography