Samantha and James

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How We Met

We met at Texas State University in Writing for Mass Media class. I sat next to him on the first day of class and the rest of history…. Just Kidding. He found me really annoying because I talked too much about my new smart phone and my dog. I was annoyed that he was not interested in talking to me. We were in different crowds in college but kept running into each other. At one point he was the TA for one of my classes. He gave me a B….

A couple semesters down the road, he started working at a local news station. After graduation, I also got a full time job at the same local news station. Our friendship really began when we both were having lunch alone at Pease Park near the office. We decided to have lunch together. From there he started inviting me to things outside of work and some would say I “stalked” him. But honestly if you tell someone where you are that is an invite. :)

The friendship quickly grew into an infatuation and they began dating. The “official” start of their relationship was New Years Day 2012. After four long years passed with many great memories, he proposed on New Year’s 2016!

how they asked

I thought I was planning a New Years Eve gathering with a few friends in Austin. Little did I know he was scheming behind my back to plan a perfect proposal!

He had my friends plant the idea of going out in Austin for New Years Eve. Just as he expected, I jumped on the opportunity to host a party. I made dinner reservations for the group, as well as a table reservation at our favorite bar. But he had a plan of his own…

After dinner with our group, we came back to our apartment to have a few drinks before heading to our bar reservation. Before heading back out, he told me that he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to hang back. Reluctantly, I approved of him staying back, but I went with my friends to the bar and demanded he join us before the countdown at Midnight. But he had planned to have me leave so he could get the surprise party (family and friends) in place for the big question. He needed me to come back to the apartment, so he knew this would be an uphill battle.

After many angry text messages were exchanged and encouragement from my friends, I agreed to come back to the apartment right before midnight to spend it with James. While waiting for Midnight at the apartment I was not happy! Actually not happy is an understatement, I was angry. He tried to lighten the mood by being funny and dancing but I would not have any of it.

Right after the ball drop, My friend, Elaine, and him mentioned they wanted to go to the roof of the apartment building and check out the fireworks. I attempted to argue, wanting to get back to the bar where the rest of our friends were (so I thought), but the two were persistent. Once we got to the roof I lightened up because there were fireworks going off all around them. Elaine immediately walked away leaving he and I alone watching the fireworks over the city skyline.

He put his arm around me and started talking about how much he loves me and loves Austin. At this point, I started to get suspicious and looked him straight in the eye and asked him what he was doing. He laughed and kept talking and finally got down on one knee.

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I was completely shocked and could not even answer his question. He then waved over to the side of the building where all of our family and friends were hiding out. After calming down a little, he was finally able to ask again and of course I said Yes!

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