James and Megan

How We Met

It all started at Petland November of 2011. I saw Megan walk in and my whole life changed. We weren’t officially introduced then, but I did find her on Facebook. She messaged me immediately “Aren’t you the guy that was just in Petland?” I responded ” Yes, you popped up on my “Friends You May Know” list, so I had to send you a request.” She knew that wasn’t true. I had overheard her name in the store, found out where she was from, and with some high tech facebook searching (creeping) I found her. I had to find her. Something about her was pushing me towards her from the first time I saw her. Megan and I didn’t talk on Facebook after that day, but kept up with each other through photos and status updates. The “likes” were mutually frequent. Since there was such an age gap (8 years) between us I knew I had no chance with her. I had never even imagined dating a girl so much younger than me. Fortunately, God had different plans. No matter how much I tried to forget about her, something reminded me of her. Her name was in the magazines I was reading, the TV shows I was watching, and she was in the dreams I was dreaming.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hightower Falls in Rockmart, Georgia

Fast Forward to April 2012. I am working in guest relations for the Atlanta Braves assisting people to their seats through their wheelchair service. I am outside the stadium waiting to take guests to their seats when a couple starts walking over my way. They were smiling at me, acting as if they knew me. I said ” Do you guys need a wheelchair?” They said ” No, we know you! We recognize you from Facebook and your YouTube videos. You’re friends with our daughter Megan, Megan Burdett!” Right then I knew. She had been following along with my life just like I had been following along with hers. I immediately messaged her on Facebook, which led to a series of outrageously long texts, to dates, to a relationship, and, 6 years later, to an engagement. God had the plan set forth in the beginning. No matter how either of us tried to skew away from that plan, He had our destination set. From our first breaths to our first kiss, the path was always clear to Him and we are forever grateful!

how they asked

In November 2017 I messaged Dress Up’s (a women’s clothing boutique) social media coordinator, Anna, and devised a plan to have Megan believe she was going to Hightower Falls in Rockmart, Georgia to do a “Lifestyle” photoshoot for Dress Up. Anna e-mailed Megan and told her:

“It was going to be a “Day in the Life of a Dress-Up model”. There is going to be a videographer and photographer there capturing the whole experience, from the arrival to the end.

Just show up camera ready and in something new from Dress Up.” Little did Megan know that I had booked Hightower Falls weeks ago and hired Noah Christian Woode (videographer) and Kelsey Meian Butcher (photographer) to be in on the plan to do the videography and photography work. As Megan arrives, she seriously believes she is there for Dress Up. It is not until she crosses over Hightower Falls “Bridge of Love” that she realizes that is not the case.

An aisle lined with quotes from friends and family of things they love most of Megan led straight to me and the biggest question of our lives. She said, “Of Course!”. Cheers rang out from the ruins, that sits on a hill above the proposal site after we kissed. I had our families watching it all go down from a distance. It was truly the best day of our lives!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Kelsey Butcher
 | Photographer
Noah Woode
 | Videographer