James and Luke

Image 1 of James and Luke

James wanted to surprise his partner Luke with an amazing scenario using the piano at St.Pancras station. He’d been practising the song “All of me” on a keyboard for a few days whilst Luke was out and asked TopSecret to organise everything and add a few special touches. TopSecretAgent developed a romantic scenario with a professional pianist, the talented vocalist Jack Parker and a string ensemble to make it extra special. Friends & family were also invited and asked to bring a yellow rose. Everything went as planned. Friends & family were hidden away upstairs before Luke & James came along and the magic unfolded as James stopped by the stations’ piano and began to play John Legends All Of Me. The rest was just beautiful and seeing Luke’s face as friends & family appeared was just priceless. Oh…and he said yes…of course.

Image 2 of James and Luke

Image 3 of James and Luke

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