James and Kate's Blindfolded Proposal

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How We Met

James and I were both working for a professional services firm’s Restructuring group – he based out of LA and I out of NYC. We were in Texas for the yearly training offsite and out of 100+ employees attending, we got assigned to the same class, and then within the class, the same “team” for a case study. I was immediately suspicious of him – between the piercing blue eyes and his cool confidence and intelligence I was sure he must be a jerk who knew what a catch he was. Not only that, the conscientious student in him made us all late for our dinner – he suggested we stay late to polish up our slides! Now I was really not a fan! We headed off to dinner and went our separate ways to sit with friends from our own offices, but later that night James walked by and said hello to the person I was talking to and got pulled into the conversation. The next thing we knew we were gushing over how we couldn’t believe the other knew our favorite comedian, quotes from our favorite movies, random sports facts, etc.

how they asked

James’s mom sent me an email saying they had a last minute work trip planned and they wanted to go to dinner with us somewhere “fun and unusual and very NYC.” James and I talked about a few quirky options we knew of and jointly landed on Camaje Bistro – where they do “blindfolded dinner” nights. We had been to one a few years before and really had a blast guessing what all of the food was. Cleverly, James planted this whole seed in a way that made me think it was my idea when he was leading me to it all along!

While we were getting ready to go out that night I said something like “don’t you think this would be the best place to get engaged” and he kept his composure and was like “yeah, good call. But then you wouldn’t get to see the ring, right? Don’t most girls want to look at the ring right away? And you’d have to keep your blindfold on through all of dinner before you could look at it!” I’m impressed he played it so cool!

James pre-planned extremely well – he gave all of our friends detailed instructions about making background noise but to remember in theory they would be blindfolded so they shouldn’t comment about “seeing” anything. He also told them to make sure not to talk if they had particularly recognizable voices, and had restaurant staff sit at the table closest to us so that there would be a buffer of voices I didn’t know. I truly just thought we were having a blindfolded dinner until a few minutes into the arrival of the “appetizer” when I was confused why my whole plate felt like it was just garnish instead of anything edible (it was all Gerber Daisies – my favorite!).

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