James and Julissa

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How We Met

I met Julissa while I was volunteering at her work. I admired her from afar for way too long before finally asking her to come to a Christmas party I was throwing.

I wanted to spend more time with her and establish an inside joke or something to strike up a conversation later and ask her out. The plan failed because she left the party after only 30 minutes!

Luckily, during her short stay, she managed to win the candy cane hunt game, so I sent her a box of cookies through her coworker. She texted me thank you for the next day and the rest is history!

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how they asked

Early on in our relationship, we decided to do something we called Day Date, which was an entire day dedicated to date activities. I planned the first Day Date and it consisted of: the Arboretum, the Arcadia Rock Climbing Gym, and a trip to Venice Beach. Throughout the day, I kept hinting that I was going to do something “potentially embarrassing” at the end of the day.

In the end, I played my ukulele for her on the beach; totally embarrassing. After that day, I asked her “You didn’t think I was going to propose, did you?” and since then, it’s been an ongoing inside joke between us two. Fast forward to July 23rd, 2017, we had not gone on a Day Date in months, moving and changing jobs and life, in general, had kept us busy.

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We decided it was well past due, and I suggested that in order to get the ball rolling again, we should recreate our first Day Date again. After a wonderful day filled with fun activities, I drove us to Venice Beach. It took 40 minutes to drive there and 41 minutes to find parking and Julissa asked if we had a Plan B was if we couldn’t make it to the beach. I proclaimed that there was no Plan B! After an adventure with the parking, we finally made it to the beach. While sitting on a towel, with a beautiful view of the ocean, I pulled out his ukulele case, and from it, took the ring.

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Julissa said yes.
And again, here we are.