James and Jodie

How We Met

Jodie and I met through a mutual friend and from the first moment we saw each other (4 way date to a music gig) I for certain was very sure I had just met my match. From that day, we couldn’t stop talking to each other, making memories and venturing to make many life experiences together. I’ve had the most memorable 15 months of my life so far! Ibiza is a special place to us both, during our first trip there (May 2016) as we arrived I asked Jodie to be my girlfriend which lead on to be one of the best holidays of my life. We returned back to our special Island in August 2017 and then the magic happened…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ibiza

Proposal Ideas Ibiza

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ibiza

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We landed for our 3rd holiday together in Ibiza and I suggested we should get a photo together on the beach at the bar of the hotel.

I had already mentioned (on the flight over to make sure the secret was kept) to my friend what I was going to and that I wanted him to video it for me without making it obvious what was happening. As you can see, Jodie goes to walk away after the pictures were taken and as nervous as I was, I dived in for my opportunity to go down on one knee and as the women of my dreams to, “marry me”. It was the best start to an unforgettable holiday in a very special place!!

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