James and Jessica

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Griffith Park, Los Angeles

How We Met

We met online using OkCupid. Our first date was at a coffee shop in Hollywood called bricks and Scones. From the beginning, we were able to talk to each other like we had known each other for years.

how they asked

Jessica has a bench above the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood that she loves to hike to and relax. We also get donuts before any big event like a vacation, an anniversary, birthday, etc so I knew these two things had to be in the proposal. The plan was to get a box of donuts that say “Will you marry me” onto the bench at the top of the hill before Jessica and myself got there. I wanted it to look like someone just randomly left a box on “her” bench. My buddy Marco and I scouted the area the day before to figure out where he and his fiancee could hide to take pictures and to figure out the timing so Marco can be ahead of us but not too far ahead of us in case a nosey bird or hiker opens the box.

James and Jessica's Engagement in Griffith Park, Los Angeles

I had to borrow a fanny pack from Marco so I had a way to hide the ring box on my person. While hiking I was secretly trying to send text message updates to Marco while hiking and I think Jessica was getting suspicious because at one point I wanted to “take a picture” and after fiddling with my phone for a minute/text messaging I said the lighting was no good and we should move on.

As we were coming up to the bench I was struggling to get the ring box quietly out of the fanny pack. Once I did I noticed the ring had popped out of the holder so I had to quickly readjust while Jessica wasn’t looking. We finally get to the bench and all you can see is this bright pink box on a park bench. Jessica didn’t want to go near it because she thought someone was already sitting there but I was persistent. She opened the box and I dropped to one knee. Everything worked out perfectly and Marco had hidden a go pro on a rock that captured the whole thing.

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