James and Amanda

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sun set cliffs, San Diego

How We Met

I was living in Belgium with my parents at the time and it was about a year after my previous relationship ended and I wasn’t having the greatest year. Around the August of 2015 I came across a Facebook post from a photographer who was looking for volunteer to model to test out his new studio equipment. I talked to one of my friends to see what he thinks about it and suggested that I try it out to get my mind of things. I started to talk to the photographer, James about the details about the photo shoot. Long story short, he just told me that all I had to do was stand there and look pretty but things went bad when I gotten into a car accident and totaled my car. I messaged him via Facebook and told him what happened and the first thing he asked if I was okay and if I needed help. I thought it was kinda sweet to be concerned so he just rescheduled whenever I was ready. In the following month I was feeling better and I messaged him that I was ready to start the photo shoot. He came to pick me up pick me up in a car that I had my eye on for sometime and that’s when I saw him, the cutest guy I’ve met. I was excited and nervous. I was excited because I’ve never done this before and in my mind I thought the shoot was going to be outside but he took me to this weird building and into his apartment. We went inside and he took me to one of his room and to my amazement, it was a fully set up photo studio. We got started with the shoot and it was so much fun. He was so professional and made me feel pretty. He looked cute taking photos and so adorable showing me how to pose. After the shoot we went to a local festival and it felt like a first date and he won me a Tigger. Ever since then we’ve been traveling together and we ended up dating for a year and a half. Volunteering for that photo shoot was the best thing I’ve ever done.

James's Proposal in Sun set cliffs, San Diego

how they asked

James is a photographer and made a few friends, especially photographers. We had just moved to San Diego and it’s been a couple of months since we’ve moved here. One of his photographer friends got stationed here and she asked me to model for her for her portfolio. I was so excited that another photographer wanted me to model for her. I’ve never modeled for anyone other than James so it was really exciting for me. She explains the details that it was going to be in Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California. One of the places I wanted to visit since I’ve arrived here. I went to get go buy a dress for the photo shoot and James went to come with me giving advice on what I should wear. Knowing what the shoot was actually for he made sure that I got a dress that I will love. He made sure I looked good for the shoot and got me a haircut a day prior to the shoot. At the day of the shoot we went out with the new dress and my new haircut. I haven’t looked so pretty in months. I loved every moment of it. We went to the location of the photo shoot and met with the photographer. James only came with us to help the photographer to give some input and to help me with poses. Without my knowledge, he wasn’t just helping me with poses but having me rehearse for the proposal that was about to come. We took a few photos here and there until we got to a certain spot neat the cliffs. James and the photographer were discussing on the next pose but really discussing on the proposal. As the sun began to set he had me facing towards to the water with my back facing them to spin around to take more photos. As I stood there waiting I heard the three count and made my spin to find James on one knee and that’s when I heard the question, “Will you marry me?” I was in complete shock so i just hugged him and he asked “is that a yes” I replied “Yes”

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