Alyssa and James

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How We Met

5 years ago Jimmy and I met online on the dating site called Plenty of Fish. We were talking for a couple of days and he asked me on a date. That night it was a monsoon but it didn’t stop us! We were both nervous but when we finally met I realized I was not as nervous as he was. I started to talk to get him to open up and not be so nervous. He was one of the sweetest guys ever.

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It made me feel special since it was my first date ever! Yes, ever, in my whole life. I am in a wheelchair and on a breathing machine from my spinal cord injury due to my delivery doctor using forceps when I was being born. Jimmy made me feel as if I didn’t have a disability. We talked about everything and anything. When I got home I got a text from him asking for another date

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how they asked

The day after my birthday, November 11th, 2017, we went into NYC to see a NY Rangers game that someone gave us tickets for. We then went to dinner in the city as well. When we got home I was jokingly asking/saying “oh so where’s my birthday present!?” he kept insisting he didn’t have one but then said it was at his parent’s house that he had to go get it. I said “you’re probably going to the mall or store right now to go pick it up or something” again, jokingly. He said he was going to send his location and I told him he didn’t have to go that far! He left and sent his location that he was at his parent’s house.

After he was there and on the way back to me he texted me asking to open the front door. I did but turned the other way. He said my name, I turned back around and he was on one knee! I was freaking out! He opened the ring (upside down) which I had no idea cause I was just shocked and he also had a GoPro on his head since it was just the two of us, which I didn’t realize either! It was something I wasn’t expecting but a night I’ll never forget! Just a side note, If you’re wondering why is her ring on the right hand, I do have it on my right hand. For those of you who know me knows that my left hand isn’t in the greatest condition due to my disability so I chose to wear it on my right. That doesn’t mean he will love me less, or that I will love him any less, it means that it’s my choice to.