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How We Met

Alejandro and I met in college eight years ago but reconnected at Pismo Beach almost four years ago at an annual Christian fraternity/sorority flag football tournament. Alejandro is one of those people who love people so well and they gravitate towards him. He is kind, funny and warm and makes every single person he meets feel like they are completely loved and cherished. We reconnected during a really hard time in my life as one of my best friends had recently passed away. I had seen Alejandro coming towards me at the end of the event at Pismo Beach but honestly wasn’t sure if he remembered me from years before. But, sure enough, he did and he sat down next to me on the bench I was sitting at (the one day site of the proposal) and started talking to me like we were the dearest and oldest friends. I was blown away by his kind words and his faith as he talked with me and when he left that day I knew I wanted to be with someone who could truly help turn even the darkest of moments into something beautiful. I never wanted to let someone like that go and here we are three years later, engaged and completely in love.

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Alejandro and I had planned to celebrate our 3-year anniversary at Pismo Beach which is where we met eight years before and started dating four years after that. He had purchased tickets to this exclusive 4-course Hamptons themed lunch right on the beach put on by the Fresno Underground Supper Club. I had been reluctant to go because we were celebrating our friends’ wedding the day before four hours away and I thought it would make sense to do something more local but he was persistent that we go to Pismo. When we arrived, I was immediately so happy that we came because the lunch was absolutely incredible. It was decorated so beautifully and we were right on the water and the food was out of this world. I had wondered whether it was originally a ploy to get me to Pismo but once I saw that the event was a real thing, I thought he really had just wanted to celebrate at our favorite place. I hadn’t been suspicious other than the fact that he wasn’t really eating much and that was really unlike him especially since the food was so good.

The last course was s’mores with homemade marshmallows and as I sat down to finish up, the organizer of the event came up to me and said, “I forgot to give you this when you arrived” and handed me one of the sticks we were using to for the s’mores. At the end of it was a piece of paper that said, “Let’s walk down memory lane!” I immediately burst into tears because I knew it was really happening. Alejandro and I walked hand in hand from the beach to what has become known as our bench that we met on years before. I was so nervous and emotional during the walk and we had to stop a few times because I just couldn’t believe it was happening. He was so patient and sweet with me. When we finally got to the bench, he sat me down very strategically with me facing the ocean. He then pulled out a pair of earphones and his iPad (thinking back I have no idea where he had those).

He then had me watch a video that he had made of our relationship which different clips from throughout the years many of which were taken right at the bench we were sitting at. As you can imagine, I was a total mess. After the video ended, he had me stand up and told me that I needed to turn around now. All I could say to him was, “I can’t.” I was just so overwhelmed by emotions and joy. I finally pulled it together and turned around to 20 of our closest friends and family members on the beach shouting with joy and holding a beautiful sign that said, “Can he ask you a question?” I could honestly not believe all my favorite people were standing right in front of me, some coming from out of state even! I also didn’t understand how he managed to sneak that many people behind me in 3 minutes without me knowing at all (hence the video and earphones). Alejandro then turned me back around and said the sweetest words and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was truly the most incredible moment of my life.

Where to Propose in Pismo Beach, CA

After I said yes, all our family and friends came running up to us. It was perfect. He even had a videographer there to capture the whole thing! To top it all off, Alejandro with the help of my best friend Emily and my sister Christina, planned the most perfect engagement party at a Spanish themed restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo and we spent the night celebrating our love with our people. He couldn’t have planned a more perfect proposal and I couldn’t be more blessed to get to marry him!

Jamen's Proposal in Pismo Beach, CA

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