Jameelah and Royce

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How We Met

My and Royce’s love story began while witnessing another love story unfold! We met at a mutual friend’s wedding, on Saturday, September 27th, 2014. It was there where we just so happened to be seated at the same table for the reception. During general conversation at the table, I mentioned a football party I regularly attended that was open to the public. I casually mentioned when and where the parties were and eventually continued on with other conversational bits. During the reception, I noticed Royce on the dance floor and asked him to dance. He accepted and we danced the evening away! The next day, Sunday, was one of the football parties I’d mentioned and guess who showed up? Royce!!! Without any flyer given to him, without any reminder of location or time, he listened and remembered what I said the evening before and showed up, much to my delight! The rest is history….

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how they asked

It happened on my birthday, July 14, 2016. Royce takes me to the restaurant where we had our first date. He then drives me to a park where I’m awakened from the long drive. I was slightly upset when waking up because I’d asked Royce not to have me super nicely dressed if the date didn’t call for it. But of course I had on a awesome dress that even had a slight cape! So imagine my surprise waking up to a park!! We start walking towards the park and he stops and says he forgot something in the car,further annoying me! He turns back around towards me and says, “Hey, what’s that?” I turn around and our families and friends were walking towards us! Remember it’s my birthday, and Royce is super romantic, so it’s not beyond him to plan a surprise like this for “just my birthday”. They walk up with “our song” playing on a portable speaker and surround us with pics from our courtship. He says a few nice things then pops the question!!! TEARS!!!!

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