Jalynn and Lance

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How We Met

Lance and I met August 14th, 2009 on the first day of high school. He was new to my small town school in Mead, Nebraska. When I first saw him walk through the front door of the school he caught my eye. I immediately told my friends how cute he was and made sure I sat right next to him during the assembly. That night his older sister Mandi (now Mrs. Liston) added me on Facebook. I had heard of her before and recognized their unique last name. I’ll never forget messaging her right away asking if Lance was her little brother. I then mentioned how cute I thought he was, kind of embarrassing, I really put myself out there! I’ll never forget the first time I texted him to say nice job on a football game from the night before. I was so incredibly giddy to be texting Lance James Vukonich! For the record, that feeling hasn’t gone away and never will. Each day freshman year we played tic-tac-toe (“worked on homework”) in Mrs. Kozisek’s study hall. On February 24th, 2011, our sophomore year, Lance asked me to be his girlfriend in front of my best friend’s house.

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how they asked

Fast-forward to July 24th, nearly five-and-a-half years into our relationship and we’re on a plane to Cabo for my belated 21st Birthday celebration. The first day we walked past a sign about the resort’s photography services. I mentioned how I’d like to take beach pictures and Lance said it was a possibility. The next morning, (July 25th) Lance went to ask about the photographer’s hours; however, he was told the photographer didn’t arrive until 10 a.m. When it was 10 Lance went to talk to the photographer; however, he wasn’t there. I really wanted to take pictures that evening, so Lance was determined to find the photographer. Hours passed by and the photographer still wasn’t there. Finally, after 1 p.m. the photographer arrived and Lance met with him while I was relaxing by the pool.

Lance came back and said he set up a photo shoot for 6:30 p.m. the next day. However, he mentioned we had to be ready by 5:45 that evening for dinner by the beach. When 5:45 came around Lance took me up to the lobby and sat me down. He began saying his stomach hurt and he didn’t feel well. He then said he had to use the restroom and he’d be back shortly. When he came back to the table I said I had to use the bathroom. When I came out I complained about how annoying my hair was. He then said “You really don’t like your hair? I hope you do because we’re taking pictures tonight. Just kidding. But really, we’re right now.” At this point I was confused and slightly frustrated but followed.

We followed the photographer to a spot on the beach where he began snapping pictures of us. My hair was blowing in my face and I wasn’t exactly a fan of it. That’s when Lance turned me toward him, grabbed my hands and said “The real reason I’m doing this is..” He then began telling me what I mean to him.

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I started to cry and he got down on one knee and asked those words I’ve wanted to hear more than anything. “Jalynn, Will You Marry Me?”

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After capturing the moment the photographer rushed over to congratulate us before finishing our session. When we went back to our hotel room Lance opened the door and I saw a trail of rose petals leading to the bed, where a large heart made of roses was, along with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

Lance jokingly said “Who did this? Someone broke in!” My response, “Lance, I’m going to cry again!” He then walked over to his bag and grabbed a personalized coffee mug and a notebook full of notes he had wrote the months leading up to the proposal.

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Lance then went onto tell me he booked the decorations and photo shoot for that day a few weeks ago. I was absolutely blown away by how much planning he did to make that night incredibly special for the two of us! The remainder of the trip we were so giggly, it was the absolute best! We kept calling each other fiancé every chance we got! July 25th, 2016 changed our lives and will forever be one of the best days ever.

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