Jaluv and Seth

how we met

Fate is such a cliché way to describe someone and your relationship with them, but honestly, everything that has happened throughout my life, from the good and the bad, has lead me right to Seth. Seth and I met almost 6 years ago through mutual friends, we would talk every now and again, but nothing more came of it. He tried to get me to go on a date with him for 2 years and told all of his friends that he would marry one day. Until one day I decided that any guy willing to try to get to date me for 2 years deserves a chance. And when we went on our first date I knew. This was not the Seth that I thought he was, this was a whole new person, I was getting to know a whole different person. I knew I adored him in a whole different way than I had ever felt about anyone. From there on I was stuck to him like glue. A couple of weeks later I invited him to my graduation party to come and meet my family, and it was fireworks from there. My family knew right away that there was admiration and “something” between us. My grandma says she could see the spark in my eye, and honestly, there was, I can remember that day and the butterflies I had the whole time he was there. From that point on I can say that we haven’t left each other’s side since. There was so much about him that I loved and knew he was “the one”. All the things that made me fall in love with him still make me fall in love with him every day in different ways. He is the most selfless, loving, patient man I have ever met, and all I can say is there is no one else I would rather spend my life with other than my best friend. We are 5 years into our relationship and I am so happy that it now gets to be forever.

how they asked

The proposal?? Where do I even begin? I could not have wanted, dreamed, or planned a better proposal for myself. Seth contacted Carmen (our Photographer) and asked for her help to create this proposal. Now keep in mind that I have worked and modeled with Carmen in the past in styled wedding shoots. So, for her to reach out and ask if Seth and I would be available to model for her it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. She sent me a message to see if we would be open to doing a styled valentine’s day shoot for her, so she would have images to advertise her “Valentine’s Day Minis” to potential clients. I told her I would talk to Seth and get back with her. Well as most men are, Seth doesn’t love doing these photoshoots, so like another photoshoot when I asked he seemed hesitant but willing to do it because I wanted to. As we told people we were doing this photoshoot he would make it seem as if he didn’t want to do (again nothing out of the ordinary lol). So, I continued to think it was just another photoshoot for Carmen. On the day of the photoshoot, we had everything a styled shoot would need, makeup artists, flowers from a vendor, balloons, outfits, and a card. Typical. As we take the pictures Carmen poses us the way she wants with the flowers and the balloons, and then she poses us with a card that says “Love” on the front. Takes a couple of images of us and then asks me to open it. And I’m sure you all know exactly what it says. “will you marry me?”. And I kid you not, they played this whole “valentine’s day photoshoot” off so well that at first, I honestly thought it was just for the pictures. As I stood there reading it over and over again, I turned around and there he was on one knee. And I lost it, I cried ugly happy tears. After being together for 5 years (ladies in long relationships, I am sure you can relate) I was so happy, it was FINALLY happening, and I never Suspected a thing, AT ALL. Seth put his whole heart into it, and Carmen helped him along the way and captured this amazing day. It was beautiful, intimate, so well thought out, it was PERFECT.

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