JaLisa and Mark

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How We Met

We actually met online (so cliche) but Mark was actually late to our date as I almost canceled because I was taking a trip to Alaska and still needed to pack. We ended up talking for hours on our date and I talked to him nonstop when I was in Alaska. Our second date led to him picking me up at the airport at 5:00 am and after that, I knew he was the one!

how they asked

A few weeks before my birthday Mark (my fiancé) told me that he was going to take me to Discovery Cove for my birthday! I was so surprised that he told me because he loves surprising me, but little did I know that he had an even bigger surprise planned! We made it to Discovery Cove and they were really forcing us to use the bathrooms before we started our day and I thought it was so weird but was not going to let it ruin my day. We had a blast going down the lazy river as we waited for our turn to swim with the dolphins. It was finally time for us to get in the water with the dolphins and I was so excited! We swam with the dolphins, gave them kisses, and got plenty of pictures! After we got out of the water the photographers told Mark and myself that the pictures they took of us together did not turn out and they wanted to take another one, which led me to get back in the water.

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After they took the photo they asked me to help train one of the dolphins and you best believe I thought I was the luckiest girl alive! They told me that a dolphin was going to bring me a toy and that I just needed to pull it out of his mouth. When the dolphin got close I noticed that he had a buoy in his mouth and after I grabbed it I went into complete shock because it said: “JaLisa will you marry me?” I started crying unconditionally as I was hugging my now fiancé and having a dolphin right in front of me! Mark then lead me to a table that he had set up with flowers and my beautiful ring! I then found out that they forced us to use the bathroom in the morning because that is how Mark gave Discovery Cove the ring! I was completely oblivious the entire day but it is a day that I will never forget!

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