JaLisa and Cornelius

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How We Met

Cornelius and I crossed paths two times in our lives. First, when we both attended a church retreat (White Oak) in Columbia, South Carolina. Second, in the parking lot of a night club and restaurant. Just as I was leaving, walking to my car, I was slightly distracted by a guy sitting in a gold color Tahoe. He was trying his hardest to get my attention. I was a bit nervous! So, I looked up he says, “hey, can I talk to you for a minute”? I walked over to his truck, got a good glimpse of him and my first thoughts to myself were its the good looking guy from White Oak that didn’t show any interest in me the first time we met. However, we briefly reintroduced ourselves and our conversation continued and, of course, we started flirting. He finally worked up enough courage to ask for my number. I hesitantly gave it to him. At the end of the night, I remember thinking to myself “WOW” I really like this guy!”

One particular SUNDAY afternoon, I received a call from him to which I replied “CJ who?” As if I didn’t remember (OF COURSE I DID)!

From that moment on, CJ and I became good friends before lovers for quiet sometime. Over the years, I grew to love a respectable, amazing, loving, caring, and most of all a GOD fearing man. Almost 10 years later, here we are inseparable!

how they asked

It was Saturday, August 01, 2015. My graduation day from Virginia College. After the ceremony, my success was celebrated at my parent’s house. I was enjoying myself, drinking wine, mingling with family and friends, not knowing that my graduation cookout would turn into a proposal/engagement cookout. It was time for speeches. My parent’s came up first and told me how proud they were of me. CJ got up in front of all our family and friends expressing how proud he was and how he was always right next to me when times were hard. He surprised me with a gift, a cruise of my choice. CJ actually pulled a fast one and tricked me. Not even a minute later, he grabbed the microphone again. This time the real surprise came. He poured out his heart and afterwards got down on one knee and popped the question. “JaLisa, will you marry me?” Like the waterbag I am, I started crying, I couldn’t believe it. With tears flowing down my face, of course, I delightfully said YES! Now I’m going to marry the man of my dreams.

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