Jalen and Hudson

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How We Met

We met how any modern-day couple would meet the love of their life, Bumble! It was love at first swipe. His profile picture was of him posing with the cutest, fluffiest, husky pup. As a woman on this app, I made the first move and asked if the dog was really his or if he was just posing with him to get matches. I found out the pup was his, Jax. We messaged back and forth for a couple of weeks getting to know each other and eventually met for drinks. The conversation was flowing and I felt so comfortable around him, it was as if we knew each other from a past life, yet there was still so much to discuss. We hit it off right away and he asked if I wanted to come over sometime to meet his dog, Jax. lol, Bumble introduced us but Jax played a huge part!

How They Asked

I get to summer in Idaho/Wyoming for work. The weather is a perfect 70 degrees and the Grand Tetons are in the backyard. Hud was visiting the last leg of my trip and I was so excited to explore and hike the beautiful surrounding mountains. We planned an 8-mile hike mid-morning, trees as tall as buildings guided our trail to the top of this steep mountain. We were in awe of the beautiful ombre of fall colors that covered the trees. We took it all in snapped a few pics and made our way back down. By the time we reached the bottom, I was tired and was making our way back home, but Hud insisted we take this SHORT 3-mile hike to a place called Five Ponds for a picnic. I was so down to eat so I agreed to his plan. (side note:) I had visited Five Ponds a few times before, once after a wedding had been held there, and thought how perfect this place was love). The only way to describe FIve Ponds in a word is utopia. It’s calm and quiet with only the peaceful sounds of mini waterfalls trickling and green and gold-colored aspen leave chiming in the wind. There’s a wooden gazebo in the middle of this place surrounded by tall pine trees. Hud insisted we take a picture under there because it was so beautiful, he even pulled out a tripod from his backpack. I still had no clue what was going on. We posed as a normal couple would then he suggested we take one with our backs against each other. “Oh, like Charlie’s Angels? Good one!”, I said. He told me to turn around and when I did he was already on one knee, ring box in hand, and telling me how I was his best friend. I don’t remember the rest because I was balling my eyes and just squeezing him. He had to ask me if that was a Yes and sealed that question with a kiss. Our proposal was so perfect and I know every couple says that, but I couldn’t imagine it happening in any other way. It was so US, athletic clothes, barefoot, after working up a sweat, no make-up, just raw and real, US. We had a few more days of just soaking it all in the two of us. I will never forget that week.

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