Jake and Taylor

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How We Met

Me (the groom), went to go shopping at the local mall. I caught notice of Taylor working at the Express, but she didn’t necessarily help me. When I went to check out at the cash register she just happened to come over and help me. I immediately got the urge to talk her into going on a date with me, so I asked my buddies for re-assurance. “She’s gorgeous, should I ask her out?”, “ya man, go for it, she’s hot!” So when we got to talking, I thought there was somewhat of a connection, but I chickened out on asking her. I felt like I missed out but for whatever reason, I just panicked. We then went to the store over, where I then bought a new watch. After buying the watch I started to feel all confident, so I went right back to the store, where Taylor then thought I forgot something, went right up to her and told her how gorgeous she was and asked if I could get her number to take her out on a date. To my amazement, she said yes. The next night we went on a bowling date, and have been together ever since.

how they asked

I coordinated it with the Malibu Beach Inn, one of the most romantic restaurant and hotels in the Malibu area. I requested the most beachfront/ocean front view, and had custom menu’s that were to be given at desert which were all the things that I love about her and want to provide for her. In addition, I had a family friend capture the entire moment on drone footage. Afterwards, (assuming she’d said yes) I had a room ready for us that my family helped me put together. It was decorated with balloons that had photos attached of us from throughout the years, champagne, a shirt that says FEYONCE (she’s a huge Beyonce fan) and many other little things. We spent the rest of the night watching the waves from the balcony of the room, just embracing the moment and reminiscing on our time together and what the future has in store.

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