Jake and Rachel

How We Met

Jake and I first met in first grade at George Washington Elementary school. In fourth grade, Jake had a crush on me because I was the only girl in our class that correctly pronounce his last name. Fast forward to high school, Jake was apart of the varsity hockey team and each year the team held a skate for kids with autism.

Where to Propose in Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh

Jake was paired with my brother, Hunter, and by the end of the day, my brother could not stop talking about how awesome he thought Jake was. He even hung a picture that was taken of him and Jake on our fridge. I was so grateful that made my brother feel so special that I decided to thank him. We got to talking and ended up going to homecoming together that year. Seven years later and we are still going strong!

Jake's Proposal in Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh

How They Asked

On Jake’s birthday, I traveled home to Pittsburgh thinking that we were going out to dinner to celebrate him turning 24. Little did I know, his brother would be picking me up to take me all over our hometown. When Jake’s brother, Tommy, pulled up he handed me a letter that said “Rachel, Go to the place where we had our first date, and I got nachos all over my face!”. Tommy and I head to Gil’s diner where Jake and I had our first date. When we got there, the hostess handed me another letter that said, “Go to the place, you must hurry now, where we first met hanging at the playground”. So Tommy and I made our way over to the elementary school that Jake and I had first met.

Inside of the jungle gym, I found another noted that read “Go to the place that you like two ways: It was your favorite movie, and you could eat there every day”. I knew right away this was my favorite restaurant, Aladdin’s Eatery, where Jake and I had spent many dates. When we got there the hostess handed me the last letter which read “Go to the place that is special to me: where we locked up our love and threw away the key”. The last stop was the Roberto Clemente bridge when Jake and I had locked a lock on and threw the keys into the river a few years ago. So Tommy and I head downtown to the bridge and that’s when I finally saw Jake and he asked me to marry him!

Special Thanks

Tommy Worcester
 | Photographer