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How We Met

Jake and I met our freshmen year at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO in August 2011. He was a typical fraternity guy. He was involved, outgoing, and participated in my sorority’s “Big Man on Campus” event. He was hard to miss. I remember seeing him around campus and thinking, “man he’s hot”. We saw each other more and more at house parties, and a little too often at the local college bar, “Mike’s Tavern”. With similar groups of friends at a small university, it was only a matter of time before we became friends. It took long enough, but Jake finally asked me to go out on September 21st, of 2012, our sophomore year.

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Our first night out together was a Tuesday, and we went out for $5 trays of beer. Spending that Tuesday night out at college bar, drinking cheap beer with him, ended up being the best decision I made. After a four day college bar bender, we had shared drunkly that we both had “crushes” on each other since we met. The more we talked, the more we had in common. Cheesy, I know. Life works in mysterious ways. We both were born and raised in the St. Louis, MO area. If it were not for Rockhurst University, I wouldn’t have met my fiancé!

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how they asked

Jake and I had planned an amazing trip together to visit Paris, Santorini, and Copenhagen this summer. While we have been fortunate enough to travel often together, this trip was highly anticipated as our first European trip together. With “the city of love” and the breathtaking views of Santorini on our trip itinerary, I had a feeling that we would come back engaged, like any girl would. However, what Jake had planned I could have never imagined. The 12th of June was our first full day in Santorini. We woke up and had breakfast served on our private balcony. The views of the caldera and the city of Oia surpassed our expectations. He told me that we could do whatever we wanted that day, but that he had somewhere for us to be at 3:00 pm for dinner. He also said we had to dress “fancy”. Jake put on white pants and linen blazer, and I matched him with a long white lace dress. At 3:00 pm we walked to this random parking lot where he had arranged for a driver to pick us up.

I immediately thought, “OK this is cute, he’s having a driver take us places to get pictures and then we will go to dinner.” Well the driver took us to Amoudi Bay, which had a small port for boats to dock and some amazing waterfront restaurants. We got out of the car and the first thing I noticed was camera flashes, and steep slippery rocks. I felt like I was on the red carpet. Mentally, being as clumsy as I am, I was focusing on not sliding down the rocks into the Mediterranean with an audience. Another woman greeted us at the bay, directing Jake and I to a “transfer boat”. At this point I was very confused what Jake had planned for us. I soon learned that a private yacht was anchored around the bay, and was all ours for the evening. I began asking many questions and Jake politely told me to stop asking questions.

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Our photographer, Jake, and I boarded the transfer boat and to my extreme surprise, took us to a breathtaking 70ft yacht anchored in the crystal clear Mediterranean water. We sailed around the island for 6 hours, taking in some of the wonders of Santorini from a view not many people get to enjoy, down on the sea.

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We had a chef on board that doubled as our butler, serving up lots of champagne while also preparing an amazing Greek dinner. After dinner we had a couple minutes before sunset, Jake suggested to move to the front of the yacht to take pictures in the sunset.

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The photographer told me to look toward the sunset with Jake behind me. Waves started rocking the yacht, and I turned around to see where Jake was and to hang on to him. When I turned around, Jake was on one knee and asked me to be his wife. His proposal speech was nothing short of sweet and romantic, if only I had not blacked out due to my excitement.

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Once I said yes and the ring was secure on my finger, a large wave hit the bow which resulted in Jake falling down. Thank goodness my dream ring was on my finger moments before. The crew started clapping, and brought us champagne.

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Jake went to the ends of the earth to make me feel so special on our day and ensured everything was planned absolutely perfect. I felt like a princess living a fairy-tale. Jake is the sweetest most thoughtful man I know to have planned such a special evening, and after 4.5 years together I am beyond blessed to officially call him my fiancé.

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We are so happy and we enjoyed celebrating every minute together in such a beautiful country, including quite a bit of celebratory champagne on the yacht! Excited for many more adventures with my handsome curly haired guy…my fiancé!

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Special Thanks

Evgenia Volokitina
 | Photographer
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