Jake and Hannah

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How We Met

Jake and I met in the most unlikely way. We had both lost bets and had to get Tinder. I stayed on the app longer than I had planned and right before I deleted the app, I got matched with Jake. I noticed that he went to the same school as me. We started messaging each other and we realized that he lived in the dorm right next to mine and he was in my brother hall (its a community thing our college does). We talked about what majors we had and that he was a senior graduating in two months and how I still had two years left. We exchanged numbers, he asked me to coffee and the rest is history.

how they asked

Jake and I were celebrating our 10 months of dating on December 15 and my last final of the semester was the following day. We have been doing long distance since about month two into our relationship. Jake was coming down to Indiana when I got back from college and we were going to go out to a dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate ten months a day late. We were discussing where we wanted to go about a week before and he brought up the idea of going out to Turkey Run State park to eat (they have an inn with an awesome buffet). I was confused because I didn’t know he knew there was an inn there because he is from Chicago and I’ve only taken him there once. But, I agreed and tried not to get too suspicious. The next day rolls around and I finish my last final and set out to go back home. Jake was supposed to get there a little bit after I was. When I got home, Jake arrived about an hour after me, and since he works third shift, he was super tired and decided to take a nap before our big date night. When he woke up, he said he wanted to leave around 3 to go to dinner. Now, Turkey Run is only about 20 minutes away from my house and I was super confused as to why he wanted to eat dinner at 3:30. But I just went with it, got ready and we set out to the park. When we got there, there were no cars in the parking lot because normal people do not eat dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon. So Jake suggested that we walk some easy trails up by the front of the park towards the inn to kill some time and make us more hungry. This entire time I am super confused and trying to figure out what in the world he is planning. He took my hand and led me to a trail right behind the inn, which I didn’t even know he knew about (remember he has only been there once and we didn’t go anywhere hear the inn the last time). I rolled with it and let him lead me to this pretty open trail that went towards this really pretty look out over top of Sugar Creek. The closer we got to the lookout, I saw red circles on the ground and when I looked up at Jake to ask what they were, he had this huge grin on his face. The closer we got to them, I noticed that there were hundreds of red rose petals on the ground with tea lights lit everywhere. He gripped my hand tighter and I basically had it figured out at that point. We kept walking the path that the rose petals lined out for us which led down a stone stairway to this smaller lookout space just below the first ledge. The rose petals stopped and were scattered all on the ground where we were standing. He turned to face me and he just started talking to me. He brought up all of the amazing memories we had in the ten months together and a whole bunch of sappy and amazing things that dang near almost made me cry. We had been waiting to say “I love you” until we got engaged. He looked me right in the eyes and told me he loved me. He reached inside his pocket, pulled out a little red box and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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He had hired one of my childhood friends to capture the whole moment on camera and she gave us a little mini photoshoot afterwards. It was the greatest moment of my life and it was absolutely perfect.

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Special Thanks

Victoria Hunt
 | Photographer