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how we met – by the bride

Jake and I met back in High School, at our church youth group. I first saw Jake standing at the entrance and decided to go introduce myself. From then we saw each other every once in a while though a mutual friend. I always thought he was cute but kept to my vow of never making the first move. The last time I saw him before we began dating was at our friend’s yard sale. She had asked me to help her set up and called Jake to ask to use his truck. When Jake showed up in his big blue truck with a hat on and work boots the thought “wow he’s good looking” passed though my head once more. During the yard sale, my mom struck up a conversation with him. She later told me that she thought he liked me from the way he looked at me, “you can just tell” she said. Remembering my vow I wrote off this exciting news. Finally my patience paid off, after a run in at the mall in January, I found him on Instagram and hoped he would follow me back. Even better, he texted me no more than two days later. A few coffee dates later we made it official when he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the best day ever… or so I thought.

how we met – by the groom

Ella and I met back in high school at our youth group. That night I was invited by a mutual friend of ours and was just awkwardly standing in the corner. Not knowing anyone and honestly dreading having to interact with kids I didn’t know I was totally prepared to stand there with my hands in my pockets and not say anything for the rest of the night. I was in my little corner observing the goings-on when out of nowhere this gorgeous, energetic blonde with the most fantastic hair bounced over to me and introduced herself. Looking back on the situation, if I had known that this girl would one day be my bride I would have swept her up in my arms and held her for as long as I could. That was when I first met Ella. Fast forward to January 2016, I was out in Ventura with my mom for the day. After getting sucked into shopping with my mom, I saw Ella on our way out. The same woman who, years ago, terrified me in the most amazing way possible with her welcoming smile. After our brief interaction, my mom asked, “Why don’t you date her?” My only response, one that had been in my head since last summer was, “She’s the girl you marry.” So, after finding a lame excuse to text her and summoning nothing short of the most courage I’ve ever needed in my life to ask her out, the rest is history.

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how they asked – by the bride

After only a month of dating, Jake and I started talking marriage. We both had been picturing our future with each other and we knew that us meeting was a blessing from the Lord. So in love and so excited we started thinking about a date, the venue and the ring. I knew I wanted to use my great grandmothers diamond as the centerpiece of my ring. So with the diamond in hand and my Pinterest ideas flowing Jake had my ring made.

A few before the ring was supposed to be done, I get a call from my childhood best friend Calle, telling me that she will be in Burbank and wanted to know if we could hang out. I was so excited! We planned to go to Porto’s, mine and Jake’s favorite bakery, and meet up to have dessert. After a great time catching up we said our goodbyes and left to go back home along PCH. As we were driving back the sun was setting and it was so bright that I sat back with a sweatshirt over my face. Jake turned off the road to the side that faces the ocean. I thought we were going to watch the sunset, until he turned off the truck looked at me and said, “The reason we came here today wasn’t for Calle.” I immediately knew, I was ecstatic, shocked and ecstatic again!

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We got out of the truck, he held my hand and we started walking along the coast. I saw a pallet with candles a sign that said marry me. When we got to the pallet, he got down on one knee, I don’t remember what he said but I remember saying yes! My sweet friends Melanie and Kera were there to capture the sweet moment and we had a mini engagement shoot after the proposal. It was the best day ever… Until I get married that is.

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