Jake and Andrew

Image 1 of Jake and AndrewHow we met: Andrew and I met online when I was living in CA for an internship and he was in Boston. Since my name is typically a guy’s name, he wanted to chat on the phone to verify I was who I claimed to be. After that first phone call, which lasted hours, we talked on the phone every day for 2 months until I flew back to Boston and we met in person. The rest is history!

how they asked: We’ve been together for 4 years, and it’s no secret that marriage was on my mind, so every time Andrew asked if I wanted anything, I’d always jokingly respond, “a ring and a puppy.”

Six months after tons of research, interviews, and visits, we (along with our Chihuahua mix, Cupid) embarked on a 5-hour road trip to pick up Gretzky, our new pup. There’s a beautiful deserted road on the way there, and Andrew asked if we could pull over to give Cupid one last walk as an only child. Ten steps later, he started talking about the future and how the new puppy is going to complete our family, and when I turned around, he got down on one knee. I was completely caught off guard, and of course, elated. So on the best day of my life, I brought home a new puppy, and a fiancé!

Image 2 of Jake and Andrew

Image 3 of Jake and Andrew

Image 4 of Jake and Andrew