Jake and Adriana

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how we met

We met back in high school through a mutual friend. Jake was going off to Peru on a LDS service mission. And because I was half Peruvian he thought it was love at first sight! We went on a couple dates before he left on his mission for 2 years. We wrote each other for those years, and once he came back we went on a few more dates. Things didn’t really work out so we both went out separate ways with no hard feelings.

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Five years went by, and hake had a dream about me; we had both completely forgotten about each other. So out of know where I got a text from Jake wondering how I’ve been. In the five years apart we had gone to college, I had lived in Guatemala, we had fallen in love and gotten our hearts broken not knowing, all of those years were preparing us to be together again. We went on our first date at Zupa’s and had a lot of years to catch up on. We dated for a year and finally realized how much we needed each other. He made me a better person, and we inspired each other to be our best. We had truly found our soulmate.

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how they asked

I was told that she had family pictures that night of March 18, 2016. I met my sister at her club house where Jake had picked me up on our first date, and I walked into the building seeing everything dark, and the door was open to the theater room. I walked in and heard my favorite song playing to a slide show of our love story.

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At the very end there was a slide that said “Come into the next room I have something to ask you.” Then the door to the theater room slowly opened, and I saw a trail of roses and candles leading towards the fireplace. Jake was at the end wearing a suit with a bouquet of roses in his hand. When I finally got to him, he had tears in his eyes and in a nervous shaky voice he said, “Audi, you’re my best friend, and this just feels right. So…” Then he got on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes.

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