Jair and Jade

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How We Met

In 2017, Jair moved to the soccer club that myself and my family were involved in. We always noticed each other at the games but neither of us spoke. At the soccer presentation for the end of the season, I was asked to take photos for the night. I had gone to the bar and that was the first time Jair spoke to me – he offered to let me cut in front of him (it was only himself and his teammate inline). I took the drinks back to my table and as he walked out he asked me to join him. We sat in the foyer and spoke for the rest of the night. He gave me his number as his phone battery had died, so I messaged him first. That Thursday we went on our first date to watch IT at the movies. I was traumatized but he managed to redeem himself and we have spoken every day since!

How They Asked

A friend of my sisters had to postpone her wedding from July 2021 to November 2021 and had invited me to her rescheduled wedding and so the story for the purpose of getting me to the proposed site was to attend her kitchen tea – a picnic by the harbour. It was a last-minute invite as some of my friends had pulled out, so she added me to the Facebook invite page which had been made 2 weeks prior with posts to back it up. They went to so much effort to trick me! My sister had booked for us to get our hair and makeup done in the morning, and then the bride to be was going to pick us up so she didn’t have to drive alone. We arrived early to help set up before the other guests got there, then my sister and the bride left me to wait as they went to get some things out of the car.

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As I sat on the bench, sending photos of the beautiful set-up, I heard the music begin to play from the set-up but thought it might have been coming from the boat in the harbour. I looked around to see if they were back yet and saw my boyfriend, now fiancé, walking towards me with a bouquet of flowers. I was very confused! He then took my hand and walked me to the set-up where he asked me to marry him! I guess ignorance really is bliss!

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