Jaimie and Jason

Where to Propose in VENICE, ITALY

How We Met

Jason and I met in church almost three years ago. He introduced himself to me one day after a service. He invited me for coffee and breakfast, but I turned him down. He understood I was not completely ready for a relationship at the time and we remained friends. After many months of him being a gentleman and getting to know one another we finally decided to make it official and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

Jason planned a 10 day trip to backpack through Italy with my best friend and her husband who live in Spain. We flew in from Florida and met them in Milan. On our second night in Italy we settled into a beautiful AirBnb in Venice. After dropping off our things we changed for dinner. We indulged in a plate of spaghetti and amazing red wine in a local restaurant. We decided as a group to then venture and aboard a gondola ride following a walk through the city. As we were exploring we stumbled upon a beautiful bridge with absolutely no one around. I started to take photos of my friend and her husband and she asked to switch and take photos of us. Just like any other photo session we took a few goofy photos and then he kissed me on the forehead. Looking down the alleyway we captured our final photo. I turned around thinking we were done, then he knelt down on one knee and pulled out the box. Little did I know that this beautiful bridge would forever hold a place in our hearts. And of course I said YES!!! Turns out my best friend knew the entire time, oh and the matching pants were a coincidence :)

Special Thanks

Lisa Valente | 
Best Friend
Air BnB
Lodging in Venice