Jaime and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I matched on Tinder in the summer of 2015, and our first date was so awkward. We were supposed to go to a movie…except the movie was sold out, so we had to pass time until the next showing. Over beers, we regaled our dating horror stories and talked about pretty much everything you “shouldn’t” on a first date. Our conversation was so natural that we almost missed the second movie showing. During the movie, my parents kept calling me…to the point where I got worried that someone had died. I apologized to Nick and excused myself to return their phone calls. It turns out they had called me SEVEN times in a row to tell me that I should REALLY watch Game of Thrones (thanks, mom and dad). After the movie, Nick and I went to grab dinner…except my most rambunctious group of friends was there and asked us to join them (not exactly a romantic first date). Nick was an absolute champ, and I knew that if he could hang with these particular friends, he was a keeper. After dinner, he went in for the kiss, and, I’m still not sure why, but I “swerved” him and gave him the cheek (a fact that he still doesn’t let me live down). He was mortified and didn’t call me for over a month.

Thankfully, Nick gave me another shot. Our second date was perfect, and after that, we were pretty much inseparable.

how they asked

About a year into us dating, I introduced Nick to one of my best friends, Ana. Ana was moving back to her home country of Spain, and we made a commitment to her and each other to visit the following summer. While it would’ve been easy to talk a big game and not follow through, we made it happen.

We spent the week in Barcelona drinking cava, eating tapas, and seeing the beautiful sights. I loved seeing the world with Nick and experiencing a new culture together. We even took the train up to Pamplona to watch the running of the bulls. We stayed up for over 24 hours to watch the bulls run, and the next morning we headed back to Barcelona and said our goodbyes to Ana.

On our last night in Spain, Nick surprised me and took me up to Carmel Bunkers—old military ruins on top of a mountain that boast panoramic views of the Barcelona skyline and Mediterranean Sea—to watch the sunset. After the sun went down, Nick found a private wooded area and told me he had one last surprise for me. He told he that he had an amazing time on our trip. Then, he got down on one knee and told me that, if I’d let him, he’d spend the rest of his life trying to make me happy, and he asked me to marry him.

The proposal was even more special when I found out all the thought he’d put into it. Nick custom-made my ring, putting his last name initial, “M”, under the cathedral. Leading up to the proposal, he’d practiced getting down on one knee and rehearsing his proposal with his mom. He even flew down to Florida to ask for my parents blessing in person. The entire proposal was so perfect because of all the thought that Nick put into it, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life loving this amazing man.

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Jaime and Nick's Engagement in Barcelona, Spain

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