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Proposal Ideas Old Westbury Gardens, Westbury, New York

How We Met

Day 3 on Match.com, I get an email: “Pancakes or waffles”. Why should you ever have to choose?! I was obviously intrigued. It was so unbelievably easy to talk to him. Day 4 we spoke on the phone for the first time… for hours. I knew I loved him in those moments. Before I even met him in person. Whoever he was, my soul had known his before. I have always believed that the people we love we have loved before. Many, many, many times before. And when we stumble through grace and circumstance and the brilliant illusion of choice to finally meet them again, we feel it faster.

​Saturday’s first real date was coming soon. We both knew Starbucks was not an “us” thing for our first date – as if an “us” already existed. He asked if he could plan it. I was beyond excited… and curious. The first date was everything I’d hoped it would be and more… and 12 hours long. His presence captured me. He was mine and I was his. And in those moments I realized I have never really known love until now. My parents asked me the next morning how it went, and all I said was, “I’m going to marry him.”

Jaime and Kevin's Engagement in Old Westbury Gardens, Westbury, New York

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Fast forward almost 2 years later… it’s Mother’s Day weekend and we are meeting his mom at Old Westbury Gardens (where we had part of our first date). It’s early and I’m already complaining that he missed the entrance 3 times and why was there glitter in his beard. We park the truck, and begin walking to meet his mom to do the ‘mansion tour’. Almost there, he stopped and asked me to close my eyes. It clicked. The sparks ran through me… it was happening…the moment I envisioned over and over again since I was little.

He led me along for another few minutes. My eyes closed; my feet trying not to stumble, and him trying to remember to breathe. He was shaking; it was cute. When we finally stopped he asked me to open my eyes. In front of me, the man I loved down on one knee. To the right, the grand gates of Old Westbury Garden holding up huge ‘MARRY ME?’ glittery red letters. He’s holding an old wooden box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen (and a GoPro!).

I was at a loss for words, and I think he was too. Happy tears flowed, and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. His family was hiding in the near by bushes photographing the whole thing.

It was beyond perfect.

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