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John and I spent the first 20 years of our lives living just 7 miles apart from each other, in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We grew up playing in the same parks, accompanying our moms to the same grocery stores, and walking the same halls of our high school. John being two years older than me however, and our graduating classes both exceeding 600 students, we went our whole childhood possibly crossing paths, but never meeting. Upon graduation, John went to Otterbein University, a small school in Columbus, OH to play on the men’s varsity golf team. Two years later, I graduated and spent my first year of college at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Due to a variety of circumstances, I ended up transferring schools after my freshman year and started my sophomore year at The Ohio State University, which was also in Columbus. Fate had once again brought us within ten miles of each other. On August 22, 2014, just another typical day at the time, but now a day I will remember forever, John and I finally had a chance to meet. My roommate at the time had invited her sister and her sister’s boyfriend (now fiance!) over to our apartment for a party. Those two had been scheming over the past couple of weeks about one of their friends, John, who they wanted me to meet. They said, “You two would be perfect for each other” and “John is one of the nicest guys in the world”. I couldn’t help myself, I looked up his picture on Facebook and thought “He’s pretty cute!” But of course it would never work out, I thought. Well, they invited him over and I have never been so happy to be wrong about something. We spent the night talking and laughing and it felt like we instantly clicked. I don’t think I ever stopped smiling. When John and his friends were leaving that night, I remember John asking “So who should I text to plan another time to hang out?” and my roommate quickly said “You can text Jaime!” A clever way to get my number, I must admit! That night I received a text from John, telling me how nice it was to meet me and how much fun he had. I knew immediately there was something different about him and his no games approach that I thought didn’t exist among college guys. We grew close fast, with the fall bringing new and exciting experiences to share with each other, but also some personal trials that put our relationship and life in perspective. We quickly learned that times won’t always be easy, but it’s the people you love that get you through. And above all else, I knew that our relationship was special, different, and one to be cherished. The next two years were spent going to OSU football games, trying new restaurants around Columbus (John is on a mission to find the best lasagna), and making frequent trips up to our hometown to see both of our families. John even stuck around after spending a week in a lake house with my entire extended family during our annual summer vacation. We could talk for hours, and did more laughing together than anything else. Everyday John showed me what it means to be a true gentleman. From surprising me with flowers and planning thoughtful dates, to the way he treats his mother and two sisters, I watched him in awe. I would be the luckiest girl in the world to be able to spend my life with this man!

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On February 10, 2017, my dream came true. In true John fashion, he chose this day to propose to me in part because 10 was his basketball number in high school (so romantic I know)! We were going to have a date night, with a dinner and a movie. It was one of our favorite traditions to go for sushi and then walk to the movie theater next door afterwards. It was chilly that night, so after the movie John offered to go get the car and pick me up at the door. Little did I know, this was when he took the ring out of his locked glove box and texted our friend Lew that we were on our way home. Lew and his girlfriend Mere were meanwhile, at my apartment, setting the scene that John had previously planned out. When we pulled up to my apartment, I noticed it looked light inside, but just thought to myself, “Oh I must have left a light on.” I had no idea. When we got to my door, I was singing and completely unprepared for what was about to happen. John opened the door and I just stopped right in my tracks. Inside, there were rose petals all over the floor, over 100 candles flickering in the darkness, and dozens of fresh flowers on the table. I stood in the doorway with my jaw open for almost a full minute until John grabbed my hand to come inside.

A few seconds later, he was on one knee, asking me to marry him. I was in so much shock I still wasn’t talking until finally I said “Yes!” John put the most beautiful ring I could ever imagine on my finger and we embraced in the immense amount of love we were both feeling. We were then greeted by our friends Lew and Mere who were hiding behind closed doors and capturing the entire moment on camera.

We celebrated the rest of the night and the next day drove home to my parent’s house for a dinner with both of our families. It was 24 hours that felt so surreal, like I was living a dream with no concept of time, and the purest form of joy in my heart. John and I feel so blessed to have been given this once in a lifetime love and know that God was truly at work when he brought us together. We cannot be more excited for July 21, 2018 when we will be married and officially start our forever!

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