Jaime and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan and I met through @instagram. He followed me and I liked a picture of his cat (the late but great Morris, RIP). We both were slow to meet because we thought it was rather weird and creepy that two people who had never met were actually willing to go on a date, but sure enough, we did. SIDE NOTE, the first time we were supposed to hang out, he never texted me. Even though he argues I hadn’t texted him in forever (it was 1 day)… so… I WILL FOREVER say that he stood me up!! If you know Dylan, this is just hysterical as he is the nicest and most conscious human that has ever walked the planet.

Where to Propose in Jaime's Nana's house

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Jaime's Nana's house

Jaime and Dylan's Engagement in Jaime's Nana's house

Jaime's Proposal in Jaime's Nana's house

Anyways, I gave him a second chance and we went to pizza house in Ann Arbor, Michigan and then proceeded to get lost trying to find his car and every second was amazing. Our next dates continued with rigorous 9-mile hikes in northern Michigan without water, getting locked in state parks after sunset (the second date and had to call the cops to get us out), Dylan making wrong turns down one-ways and SO much laughter and love. Dyl is a photographer on the side so the entirety of our relationship has been photographed and looking back it is all such a beautiful story.

Proposal Ideas Jaime's Nana's house

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Jaime's Nana's house

How They Asked

We were headed to Detroit to go ice-skating on December 22nd. It was dark out and he told me we had to make a stop at my Nana and Papa’s house. I didn’t suspect a thing! When we pulled up to the house, the entire backyard was lit up with candles and twinkly lights. It was Christmas time, so being the genius that I am, I didn’t think twice but remarked: “wow Papa really did a great job!”. However, after taking a better look my stomach dropped and my eyes filled with tears.

The entire backyard was a path of candles and signs that were sweet words and also big blown-up pictures depicting our relationship. These were pictures of our favorite memories together, Morris (his cat which marked our first interaction as I liked this picture on his Instagram lolol) and silly things like the french toast we order together almost every weekend at our favorite bakery (S/o to @Crust_fenton)… it was just us two and we took in every moment together.. laughing and crying and shaking.

We got to the end of the path and he pulled a letter out of his pocket. He read to me why he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me… it was a moment I will never forget.

Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I shouted yes before he could even ask! Afterward, FIREWORKS WENT OFF… which Dylan did not know this was a part of the plan as my crazy little Nana surprised us with this! And to top it off, the fireworks started to malfunction and almost blew off our heads!

Dylan was in such a nervous daze he didn’t react… just watch the video. ;) We went inside after and celebrated with our close friends and family. December 22, 2018, was a night I will NEVER forget.

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