Jaime and Devon

How We Met: My best friend, Stephanie, went to a Super Bowl party in February 2009, where she met Devon. Within a few minutes of talking to him, she realized that there was a potential match and promptly gave him my phone number. She sent me a text afterwards and I knew that if Devon met her high standards for me that he was really special. Stephanie told me that she knew that he would never lie to me, since that night she witnessed how terrible Devon is at poker. Shortly thereafter Devon and I met for brunch and realized we had a lot in common, other than the fact that Devon is a Giants fan and I’m obsessed with the Jets.

Image 1 of Jaime and Devon

how they asked: Devon and I got engaged about two years into our relationship. A three day weekend was approaching and I suggested we have brunch with my siblings since everyone was off from work and school, not knowing that Devon had already had something planned. I called my sister, Tracie, who knew that a proposal was on the way and she suggested that we come to her apartment and hang out with the other love of my life, our niece Sienna. Excited about the Jets making the playoffs, when I got to their apartment I immediately congratulated all my fellow fans on our big win. My sister suggested I grab Sienna from the playpen and I looked over and saw her sitting there with a huge white bow on her head, playing with her toys and smiling contently. As soon as I picked her up I noticed she was wearing a onesie that said “Jai, will you marry me?” (Actually, due to a typo it said “marrry”).

Image 2 of Jaime and Devon

Devon told me to look in her playpen and I saw a ring box right behind where she was sitting. I handed Sienna to my sister and Devon whispered some sweet things to me and got down on one knee. His siblings came running out from the bathroom and he began to propose, with a little trouble, since my sister had taped the ring box together without telling him, so that Sienna wouldn’t swallow it. I was shocked and thrilled by the proposal and also that Devon picked out a ring with a rose gold band, which has always been my favorite.

After lots of tears and phone calls we headed out to brunch with our families, at Café Joul, the place where we had our first date. My other sister, Lyndsey, got there first and decorated the table with hearts and pictures and once again I was so happy and surprised.

We headed back to my sister’s apartment afterwards and when I got there Devon had one more surprise – he threw us an engagement party with all of our closest friends, whom he called the night before.
Image 3 of Jaime and Devon
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Image 5 of Jaime and Devon

Photography by the talented New York Photographer, Mikkel Paige.