Jaime and Brandon

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How We Met

How we met is easy and simple, but we knew there was something about the first glance. I was sitting in the grass at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, in front of Phillips Science Hall with my best friend. My best friend was dating a guy named Jake, who is best friends with Brandon. Brandon walked out of the library and my friend looked at me and said: “Jaime, you have to meet this guy, he is Jake’s friend and is a pretty look for the eyes.” I was single and instantly laid on eyes on this man, he smiled, was shy, but I knew I wanted to get to know him. Since our best friends were dating, we became pretty close friends, hung out 5 days out of the week and created a friendship. Three years past and we finally decided our small, occasional dates to Chipotle a few years before wasn’t enough, we wanted something more. I woke up one morning to a Facebook relationship change, as that moment Brandon decided just to put us in a relationship. Here we are a few years later, and I am so thankful for Phillips grass in 2013.

how they asked

When I was 16, I lost my mother in a tragic car accident, that I was involved in. I was hospitalized for a week, had some major surgeries, but being 25 you would never guess. This is what made my engagement so wonderful. We knew we were going to spend together forever and he always told me he wanted this day to be super special. In my eyes, I just wanted it to happen because I wanted to be promised forever, but he had this vision of the most memorable, perfect day in mind. Brandon face me two letters a week before and told me not to open them until told to do so. Fast forward to April 20th, 2018, my best friend and her husband (Jake) came to town. Lydia and I spent the day at Mall of America where we were shopping for an outfit for that night. Lydia made reservations for a restaurant downtown St.Paul, so I knew I had to have an adorable outfit.

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After shopping, we met the boys at the Science Museum of Minnesota. This is where us four went, prior to Brandon and I being in a relationship. It was a memory for us as that was when Brandon and I knew we wanted something more than a friendship. At this time, I had absolutely no idea and was just ready to spend the night with my friends at one of my favorite places. Jake pretended to take a phone call for work and said he needed to get some air. We all followed him outside on the pier overlooking the river and St.Paul (Brandon had talked to the security guards and they all knew a proposal was about to happen.)

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During this time, I was clearly the only one who had no idea what was about to happen. We walked outside, leaned over the ledge, and looked into the river. Right then, at that moment, Brandon asked me if I remembered the last time I was at the Science Museum. My heart exploded and I knew what was about to happen, I panicked and because I was so nervous, I said no and started to cry tears of pure happiness.

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“Last time we left here not knowing exactly what we were, but I want to leave here knowing you will be my fiancé” -Brandon

Yes, a million times yes!!!! Brandon asked me to take out my letters and read the letter with the #1 on it (attached in the photos) This letter described my engagement ring had my mother’s wedding ring diamond in it. How did he plan this and how did I get a man so wonderful?

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Followed after my engagement ring, he asked me to read #2, which read that even though we took the diamond from my mother’s wedding ring, it didn’t mean we couldn’t use that ring as well. Brandon got my mothers birthstone (blue) to replace her diamond in her wedding ring. On this day, I got two beautiful rings that both had a piece of my mother.

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“Even though your mother is not here and I know every day is hard, you will forever have a piece of her with you.”

During all of this time, Brandon had someone from his work photograph this beautiful moment and two of his sisters snuck in behind us to be there during the proposal. After the engagement, we went to our dinner reservations, where I thought it was just us four, but little did I know, he had all my best friends there to surprise me.

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