Jaime and Alex

How We Met

Image 1 of Jaime and Alex
We met in college my freshman year his Junior year. He was immediately drawn to me, and I was very standoffish to him. He wanted to take me on dates but I insisted that we should just stay friends. After 4 months of persistency I finally gave in and went on a date with him! I was pleasantly surprised and we began dating. After he graduated college he joined the Army and then we began a long distance relationship and that was hard but it was all worth it!!!

how they asked

Image 2 of Jaime and Alex

He lived in Florida I lived in Chicago, so for the holidays we were always split. We made a decision that I would come to his house for new years every year since we started dating. I told him I wanted to be proposed to by the end of the year and he chose the very last day to propose to me. I had just gotten off the plane and he was super anxious. I didn’t know why until later he asked me on the beach in Sarasota Florida. He was waiting for the sunset but the sun never came out that day :( But it was still very magical and not expected at all.

Image 3 of Jaime and Alex