Jaime and Adam

How We Met

The story of how we met mirrors that of a fairy tale. It all began at a party appropriately named the Catalina Wine Mixer back in June 2012. Considering there were about 100 people there and a lot of flip cup and other games going on, nothing more than a friend request on facebook came out of the initial meeting. Fast forward to an Oktoberfest party in October 2012. Again, lots of people and hard cider. We talked more at this party and I thought okay this guy is definitely cute, but who knows where it will lead. The next time we met, at an Ugly Sweater party in December 2012, is where we finally exchanged numbers – and the rest is history! We haven’t gone a day without talking (well, texting) since. Here’s the kicker: all 3 of these parties were thrown by the same group of people. So thank you to the former gentlemen of 1738 for throwing some unforgettable parties!

how they asked

For Adam’s 30th birthday in January, I, along with the help of his family, got him a weekend package to attend the Daytona 500 in February. With that also came Disney park hopper passes (win for me!) so we made a long weekend out of it. While I’m packing Thursday night, Adam tells me he made dinner reservations for Friday night in Disney Springs. I thought it was a great idea since we had no plans, but I was so confused where and when he made these reservations. The next day he tells me our reservations are for 9:30 and he’d like to leave around 8. Considering it was 6pm and I had to shower and primp myself as most girls do, I was curious why he wanted to leave so early. This wasn’t adding up, but there was no time to think, I had to get ready! So we get ready, head to Disney Springs, walk around a bit, watch a couple of freestylers do their act, and head to the Dockside Bar. After 1 drink Adam suggested checking out the antique boats on the dock connected to the bar. I offered to pay for a second round since he got the first, but he was pretty insistent on checking out the boats which was fine by me, coming from a boating family. So here I am, on a dock, taking pictures of retro Chris Crafts, sending pictures to my Dad (who was probably like why are these not ring pictures?), when he came over, wrapped his arm around me, and didn’t let go until he got down on 1 knee. Was I expecting it? Sort of (I did tell him I always wanted to get engaged in Disney!), but I was still surprised and SO SO happy that we got to spend the weekend together celebrating the best way we knew how – Disney & Daytona!!

Image 1 of Jaime and Adam

Image 2 of Jaime and Adam

Special Thanks

Juliana Laury
 | Photographer
Alan Paller
 | Videographer