Jaena and Josh

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In our new house that we only had been living in together for about 3 months

Josh and I met while working at a water park in Arizona. Just some harmless flirting here and there until we hit got invites to another co workers wedding who also met at the same water park. He tried to aske me to dance a few times but I told him “ huh no!” and went to get more cake. A few months during my last semester in college I was in need of a Spanish tutor, well guess who had gotten all A’s in he Spanish classes while in college, yep Josh. While he was helping me pass Spanish a Love began to blossom. Next thing I know we are on our first sushi date where I tried to impress him by eating a extra spicy piece Of sushi which almost backfired. We had such a great time and decided to make it official and we become an item. Our first Christmas together he took me to Sedona for the weekend and we went for a fancy Itilain dinner which was wonderful and we also bonded over our love of Italian food. Fast forward six year later we bought a house together and after many talks about how he wasn’t planning on getting married, one night after our date night workout me looking all sweaty he tells me has something for me and To close my eyes. I close my eyes thinking he’s gonna to pull another one of his silly jokes on me. Then he tells me to open and there I see and beautiful ring, my love on one knee and asking me if I would marry him… I’m standing there in pure shock. I yell “ Are you joking? Cause if you are joking this is a bad joke? Are you kidding?” He smiles and says “No I’m not kidding, Will you marry me?” Me again” are you joking? Are you serious?” He still on one knee says “Well, usually you say something right about now.” I scream oh my gosh Of course! Of course I’ll marry you! He puts the ring on my finger and I just began to cry. I fall to the floor and cry. I have never felt so happy. I asked What do I do now? I should call my mom. Is that okay? Can I call my mom? He smiles as he helps me off the floor and says yes I think that is what your supposed to do.

Jaena and Josh's Engagement in In our new house that we only had been living in together for about 3 months

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