Jaelyn and Jonathan

How We Met

Jonathan and I were both Sophomores at Radford University at the time. We were both placed in the same group to help lead a freshman Bible study, with a Christian ministry we are a part of called Cru. All the girls had a crush on him and I figured I would probably never date him. A few months into the semester we got to get to know each other more and had so much in common with each other. We started flirting a little back and forth, and I had no idea what was going to happen next. It was the last week of classes before finals week and we had our Christmas small group get together. I had to leave early for an event with my sorority. later that evening I was walking toward one of the residents halls where Jonathan happened to be coming out of. He came up and started to talking to me and eventually asked me on a date to go on later in the week. We went on a few dates throughout a month and half period and he asked me to be his girlfriend right before school started for spring semester. We have been dating for 2 years now.

how they asked

We were visiting Christmastown at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. It was our second year in a row going, but this time everyone had the same idea. It took us almost two hours to get parked inside, and they stopped letting people in as soon as we got on the shuttle. The plan was to have our family and friends come to the park and be there holding up signs while Jonathan proposed. However, more than half of the group could not get into the park because it reached capacity. Jonathan started to become really anxious and worried. He ran into the bathroom to make a few phone calls. The plans had to be changed really quick and a back up plan was put into action. A little later my mom called saying how she took my dad on a date up at the outdoor ice skating rink in Colonial Williamsburg. She said they came back to the car and found that they had a flat tire with no spare. She said her and my dad would walk around while they waited for us to come get them, and said to meet them at an ice cream shop near the rink. We finally got to the area and started to walk towards the ice skating rink. All of a sudden I saw thirty of our closest family and friends holding up signs lit up saying ” Will you marry me?”

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My sister handed Jonathan a snow globe with a beautiful ring in it, and got down on one knee to say those four words every girl longs to hear. I immediately replied yes! After, we celebrated with all our family and friends who came out to share such a special evening.

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