Jaeda and Jermaine

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pier 57 in Seattle, WA

How We Met

We met online, one late, late night in December 2013. I was up sick with the flu that year, and he worked night shifts at the time. I was bored so I decided I’d try the online dating thing. I had uploaded a photo, and was in the middle of filling out my profile, when he was the FIRST person to message me. I rolled my eyes and wrote him off at first. I assumed that he was just copy/pasting that message to all the ladies, since my profile was literally empty. We chatted back and forth for about a month, but I’m embarrassed to say that I had sort of sidelined him in my mind. He finally asked me out, and I said yes because he had been so nice and polite.

After dinner, we went back to his place to watch a movie, and he had your typical, sparsely furnished bachelor pad. He sat on the floor for the WHOLE movie so that I could be comfortable sitting on his bed without feeling uncomfortable. He was the definition of a gentleman. That first date was on a Tuesday, his day off, and we’ve spent every Tuesday together since.

how they asked

My 30th birthday was on October 6th this year. He found this gorgeous hotel on Lake Washington, and we had one of the most amazing meals. Heading into the city that evening I commented (like I do every time) that I really wanted to ride Seattle’s Great Wheel some time, the big Ferris wheel on Pier 57. Normally I don’t push for it, because I know he’s terrified of Ferris wheels, but this time he told me that we would go on it. He let me think it was my idea!

We’re loaded onto the Ferris wheel, and we’re sitting at the top waiting for them to fill the rest of the cars. The Seattle skyline is beautiful and night, and it was so magical. He told me, “There’s only one thing scarier than Ferris wheels.” Of course, I ask him what is scarier. He says, “Asking you to marry me.” I looked at him and got a little upset at first. I told him, “DON’T joke about that while we’re in such a romantic setting, it’s not funny!” because I was really, truly surprised. He just smiled and said, “Well…..” and pulled a little black box out of his pocket.

Jaeda's Proposal in Pier 57 in Seattle, WA

This nighttime shot was just taken on my camera phone because that’s all I had with me. I’m a wedding photographer by trade, so that wouldn’t do for announcements. We went back to the Ferris wheel in the daylight and met my mother there. I set up this shot and she pressed the button for us. I couldn’t have a professional engagement photo at the Ferris wheel.

Special Thanks

Jaeda Reed
 | Photographer