Havyn and Jaden

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How We Met

Jaden and I were brought together it seems by fate. There was just something in the universe that kept sticking us in each other’s path. We went to the same high school in Arlington, Texas with him being a year older. We never had the same friends or really had ever met but in high school you kind of know everyone’s name and a little of their back story. He was this cute older football player committed to my dream college, a little too flirtatious and had a demeanor that showed he was used to things going his way in life. But he was kind and funny and there was something about him that was able to draw people in. People just want to be his friend. The end of his senior year we really just started running into each other everywhere. I mean in the car driving around, in the hallway, at restaurants, next to each other at red lights, in the auditorium, everywhere. I knew he had been asking about me to some of my friends and he knew that I knew. But here we were playing this little cat and mouse game running into each other and never saying a word.

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Eventually he graduated and I kind of figured it would be the end of things but then God stepped in and we ran into each other just a week later at a local restaurant. We started hanging out and having a great time.

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That summer really was just all about enjoying each other’s company. We laughed and drove around and walked around TCU’s campus. But he started football and got busy. I started my senior year and we stopped talking. I always sent a text when I saw his games on TV and wished him well, but I wasn’t into holding some guy down his freshman year of college. When Jaden returned home for Christmas break however, the universe wasn’t finished with us yet. He had plans to have lunch with his old teacher from high school and I had plans to grade my teachers papers during my lunch break. And there we were. Back in each other’s paths. I don’t think there has been one day since that lunch that J and I haven’t talked. I ended up getting in and going to TCU a year later and we got to see each other more. We got a small taste of doing life together and I think it just showed us that it was better than being apart.

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how they asked

Jaden really did such an amazing job. I have to brag on him because he really incorporated so much of what I love into one setting and made the proposal so memorable for the both of us. I interned and recently started a career centering around event planning. Because of this passion of mine I was lead into a great friendship with an older girl from my sorority named Karli, who recently started her own amazing wedding planning company Ivory and Vine Event Co. She had reached out to members of our sorority before I graduated asking if there was a couple who could help with a styled wedding photo-shoot that she could use for her company. Eager to help, I instantly volunteered knowing I would have plenty of down time after graduation. I assumed I would have to drag Jaden into it but he was so supportive and willing!

Little did I know it was because he saw the golden opportunity. We arrived the day of the shoot after weeks of prepping, nails done, tan and no makeup so the professionals could work there magic. It took about an hour to an hour and a half of me sitting in the glam chair (what can I say, I’m a work in progress) and Jaden making secret trips upstairs to discuss the plans with Karli and the rest of the vendors. Its easy to be oblivious when someone is playing with your hair let me tell you. Finally it was shoot time! He changed into his tux and looked great as always and I shimmied into a vintage-vibe wedding dress and gorgeous jewelry provided by Trumpet and Horn. Karli had handled everything to make her shoot beautiful and that’s really all I thought about it. We spent the next few hours taking photos and I just couldn’t understand why J was being so serious. He was usually always joking around and laughing and he just wasn’t himself. “Maybe the cameras are making him nervous?” I thought to myself.

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Yeah, that’s it Havyn… After a few hours of wedding photos I was told it was time to change into our outfits for the “day after” photos (I would later find out they arranged this simply so I wouldn’t get engaged in a wedding dress.) Now, Karli had told me we would be doing this and I was a little thrown off by it because I had never ever heard of anyone doing day after wedding photos. But I shrugged my shoulders and said “Hey they’re her pictures. I’ll do whatever she wants.” I remember her helping me change into that beautiful satin yellow dress and questioning her “Karli, do people actually do these types of photos?” She had an excuse and I just kept on changing.

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We go out and start taking a few more staged photos and Karli suggests we do a proposal shot just to make things believable. Red flag. I immediately start thinking…”why do we need a proposal shot if this is supposed to be the day after the wedding?” Jaden gets in position on one knee and I (mainly to keep myself from freaking out) play it off like everything is normal. “This is fine, I’m fine” I think in my head.

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She hands him a ring box containing what was supposed to be the prop ring but states “we switched boxes so the color scheme would fit better.” Red Flag. At this point I’m in full awkward mode. I do not handle extreme emotions gracefully. He looks at me and says “Havyn..” he takes my hand… “Stop, this is a joke. You’re joking. This is a joke…” I couldn’t stop myself.

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At that exact moment the doors of the venue slide open and out run our closest friends holding balloons that spell out “SAY YES” in their hands. This was no joke. This was my life and it was happening. The photographer, the videographer, they captured it all. Jaden had this beautiful speech put together and I was babbling and doing my nervous laugh… But it was amazing.

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Every second of it. It was real and it was us and we have it all captured. I have amazing photos from before hand that are frame worthy and I have irreplaceable action shots of the two of us in our raw emotion that remind me the joy this man brings to my life. And at the end of the day I have the world’s greatest fiancé and we have love. And that’s all that really matters anyways.

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Special Thanks

Ellen Ashton
 | Photographer
Peyton Frank
 | Videographer
Meagan Bechtel
 | Hair and Makeup