Jade and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I went on our very first date on October 2, 2016, after swiping right on each other on a dating app called Tinder. Since that very first date, we have been inseparable….well, except for a week after dating when I was “over it”. I had been single for two years after a broken engagement. I was a little apprehensive about dating and didn’t know if I was really ready to settle down. Fortunately, my mom and my best friend told me I should give love a chance. I am so very thankful that I listened to two of the most important people in my life.

how they asked

In April of this year, Steven was deployed to Afghanistan. He came home on Monday, August 6th. While he was deployed, he told me that he had planned a trip for the weekend after he returned. He wanted to take me on a short getaway before it was time for me to go back to school (I’m a fourth-grade teacher). I was so excited about our trip, but honestly, I thought he was going to propose when he got off the plane from being deployed. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed that he didn’t, but I was just glad to have him back after not seeing him for 110 days!

Jade's Proposal in Waco, Texas - Magnolia Market @ the Silos

Fast forward to Friday, August 10th. I get home from professional development and he FINALLY tells me where we are headed for the weekend… Waco, Texas. I immediately squealed with excitement as we have proclaimed Waco as “our city”. We took our first trip there last summer and instantly fell in love, so I was stoked to be visiting one of our favorite places again.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Waco, Texas - Magnolia Market @ the Silos

We made the five-hour journey from Arkansas to Texas, got checked into our AIRBNB, and settled in for the evening. Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to get ready for the day. We began the day by having breakfast at Magnolia Table and then headed over to Magnolia Market at the Silos to hang out for a few hours. We began walking around the Silos and of course, I was instantly scouting out places to take pictures. Steven suggested that we look around before we stop for pictures, and led me over to the Magnolia Seed & Supply area to check out the flowers.

Where to Propose in Waco, Texas - Magnolia Market @ the Silos

As I rounded the corner, I noticed my mom standing there and then saw the rest of my family, along with one of my best friends who just so happens to be a photographer. My jaw instantly hit the floor in amazement. I turned to Steven and said, “Babe, what are you doing?” He smiled and replied, “I don’t know! What am I doing?!” After that, everything else was kind of a blur. I remember him saying that he had brought my family there because he knew they were important to me and wanted them to share that moment. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him, and of course, I said YES!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Waco, Texas - Magnolia Market @ the Silos

Jade and Steven's Engagement in Waco, Texas - Magnolia Market @ the Silos

To say that this was an absolute dream proposal would be an understatement. I absolutely loved having my family there to share in that special moment, but most importantly I was just thrilled to have finally found the man of my dreams!

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Special Thanks

Terrah Simpson
 | Photographer